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Deportation for Violent Felonies?

Deportation for Violent Felonies?

Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices heard oral arguments Monday in Barton v. Barr. The case asks the court about legal alien status and whether a green-card holder not seeking admission to the U.S. can be “rendered inadmissible?”

Chief Justice John Roberts

Chief Justice John Roberts Believes in Santa Claus

Tuesday at a New York synagogue U.S. Chief Justice Roberts lamented the perception SCOTUS is becoming politicized. He also does not think the justices’ decisions are guided primarily by their partisan affiliation. Those two things are an indictment of his naiveté.

Deportation for Violent Felonies?

Janus … They’re Back … Public Unions Need Revenue

Labor leaders have launched a state-level counterattack against the Janus decision because public unions need revenue. Janus is a 2018 Supreme Court decision. It declares mandatory union dues and fees for government workers unconstitutional. The Supreme Court ruled that mandating union fees as a condition of employment violates the free speech rights of workers. The …

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