Florida Naval Base Shooting Was Terrorism - 21 Saudis Ejected from US - Granite Grok

Florida Naval Base Shooting Was Terrorism – 21 Saudis Ejected from US

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In Early December, someone opened fire on a Florida Naval Base. The shooter was a vetted member of the Saudi Arabian military receiving flight training in the United States. Early speculation was that he did not act alone. This week AG Barr announced that 21 Saudis have been ordered out of the country.

Accused shooter 21-year-old Mohammed Alshamrani, a 2nd LT in the Royal Saudi Air Force, allegedly killed three U.S. sailors and injured several others. Authorities say the attack ended with a sheriff’s deputy killing the shooter.

Many of the 21 cadets being sent home had contact with child pornography and possessed jihadist or anti-American material … Officials have said Alshamrani hosted a party before the shooting, where he and others watched videos of mass shootings.

No one else is accused of terrorism but they are being sent home anyway. The Saudi Embassy issued a statement.

 The disturbed and radicalized individual who carried out this terrible attack acted alone. He does not represent the hundreds of thousands of Saudis who have lived, studied and trained in the United States over the past several decades, nor does his heinous act represent the values of Saudi Arabia.

It goes on to remind us that this training helps both countries fight the global war on terror and that the Kingdom has seen its share of terrorism.

That’s nice.

We’re not ending the relationship, I think this sends a message. These were supposedly vetted soldiers. Vetted first by Saudi Arabia and then in the US, primarily with details provided by them. You need the training more than we need to provide it. And we don’t need you to provide us with oil anymore.

We don’t need to play this game but you do. Get your crap together.