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Back to School Budgets in the Age of Wuhan Flus

If the threat of the Chinese Wuhan Virus is to be taken seriously enough that government schools had to be closed for the rest of the year it might be time to re-think public education operating out of huge child and administrator warehouses.


SB 684 is Harmful to Your Children’s Health

SB 684-FN has been slated for swift passage through the legislature. Have you stopped to ask why? First, Medicaid dinged NH for billing services which were not rendered by properly trained medical professionals in schools.

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Where has Volinsky Been?

In the article titled: “Volinsky calls for Edelblut to go,” (Union Leader, Dec. 18) Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky argues that Commissioner Edelblut has advanced policies that weaken financial support for public schools.

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Only You Can Keep Wakefield Common-Core Free

Wakefield is holding another public session on a potential introduction of Common Core to its curriculum. As noted here, back in October, the town has – until now – shown no interest in the standard. Now it seems like something or someone is hot to embrace it.