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Lanyard - Medical Exemption

A Story About Using the GraniteGrok Mask Order Medical Exception Placard

I get folks emailing me from time to time with stories about using ‘Grok’s Mask Exemption placard, like this one. “Hi Skip, I went to Walmart, the door employee referred me to masks available inside, didn’t even try to hand me one, so I did not need to show the lanyard.”

NH Union Leader

No, Union Leader Editorial Writer, It Is the Point. Entirely.

Back on Jan 3 (it seems SO long ago!), the Union Leader has an editorial titled “Wrong place to protest: Sununu’s home should be off-base.” They were kvetching that ordinary citizens shouldn’t be protesting NH Gov Chris Sununu’s Emergency Orders at his home.


Governor Sununu Is Deliberately Misleading the Public

I’m reaching out to counter what I see as deliberately misleading comments made by Governor Sununu to paint the demonstrators at his residence as something that they are not. As one of the organizers of “Absolute Defiance,” the group leading the peaceful demonstrations at Governor Sununu’s house, I feel obligated to ensure that the truth …

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root cause

FB Doodlings – Who chooses?

In almost all things, I try to view events or happenings of the day from base Principles. I guess it is the engineer in me combined with having watched, as a political blogger, too many politicians, and bureaucrats say and do say lots of words to get you to “oh, ok” WITHOUT necessarily allowing you …

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Press Conference: Womens’ Defense League of NH – Veto these bills!

This morning, the Womens’ Defense League of NH (“WDLNH”) had a press conference in the Legislative Office Building at 8:30am. Despite the slavish attention that NH’s Media gives the anti-Constitution/civilian disarmament folks, none of them were to be found covering “the other side”. Only GraniteGrok and Tony Schinella from Patch were there: The topic: to …

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