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Just because

Fall 2009

  A reminder of God’s handiwork – accomplished by processes so complex that we can’t fathom them and yet so simple in presentation, we can only stand agape at the beauty. Fall is a great time to be in NH.  Took this shot of my most favorite tree in my backyard early in the morning …

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This is just so cool!

Filed under "Just Because" – because I can.  And should.  And will. And I think it is just so neat – 1,000,000 frames a second.  

Just because…

Strolling down the blogosphere boulevard, I stopped over at Atlantic Ave here in NH. Since it was sunny earlier (and right now), this was appropos: Hey, why not – the dog looks happy! And since it just rained, this looked just nice:   See, it isn’t just always about politics here at the ‘Grok….

Grok ‘n Roll: “Givin’ it all I got…”

Great band. Great song from a classic album. And a fine sitcom the likes of which hasn’t been seen on TV for many years. Apparently, this particular clip is not included in reruns…     [H/T Kevin N]

Jettiness – Jet Powered ATV

It has been a while since I’ve noted anything "different" from the world of jet powered stuff-other-than-planes.  So, when this showed up: Gizmodo reports: John Carnett modded brand new Polaris RZR 2-seater ATV with a grey market, 40-year-old turbine. The result is a 114db joystick-driven vehicle that spews out 1300°F exhaust to achieve around 60MPH. …

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Anytime that anything from one of Doug’s all time movies shows up, I have to note

OK, so it is adapted to the post but the important bits are highlighted: TO CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES, TO DRIVE THEM BEFORE YOU, TO HEAR THE LAMENTATIONS OF THEIR ASSOCIATES! FLEE, PUNY MORTALS! NONE CAN ESCAPE MY INEXORABLE BRIEF-WRITING SKILLS! BWAHAHAHAHA! From a post by a lawyer that is so happy about socking it to …

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Sunday Reading

From the "every cloud has a silver lining" department, via WSJ.com: Brígido de Jesús González lived in Queens, N.Y., for the past 20 years, working as a landscaper to support his wife and kids back in El Salvador. But with the recession clobbering his business, the illegal immigrant decided to pack up and return to …

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