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Suicide Watch

I’ve been contemplating this off and on for weeks.  That the democrat leadership is all in on the statist agenda and that they can probably get the votes needed to push large chunks of their agenda up Pennsylvania Avenue, no matter how loudly or how often the electorate objects. 

Andy McCarthy over on The Corner says it well.

Today’s Democrats are controlled by the radical Left, and it is more important to them to execute the permanent transformation of American society than it is to win the upcoming election cycles. They have already factored in losing in November — even losing big. For them, winning big now outweighs that. I think they’re right.

The democrats have the votes they need and they always did.  They have always been the ones standing in their own way.  And they will never have this advantage again.  Ever.  Obama has seen to that.  So they can and will use reconciliation, not once but often, because no matter how many of us are watching they want “this” so bad they will commit political suicide to get it.  And ‘this’ is anything and everything in their quiver of grow-government objectives. 

Many are convinced of their doom come this November, but they also understand that the pendulum will eventually swing back their way someday.  Cramming massive legislation into the maw of the bureaucracy will plant seeds for future policy growth which no democrat will try to abort.  So the burden then lay on the backs of Republicans to try and undo their mess in a place that likes things messy.  And the bet is that no one will ever be able to peel enough of whatever ‘This” is back while Obama sits in the White House, or given a republican replacement at any point after.  Some of the smell, the stain, the infection, will remain because entitlements once ensconced rarely, if ever go away. 

So we are on suicide watch.  We can not simply pop popcorn, imbibe adult beverages, and pat each other on the back as lefty-lemmings jump off the policy cliff taking their re-election chances with them.  It’s not just about Jim Jones and the Kool Aid drinkers.  It’s about the future of America.

Just think of it herpes health care reform.  It’ll be forever.  And that’s just one arrow in the quiver.

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