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What to do with all those climate deniers? Ask you know who:

(H/T: Powerline) You know, the Climate Change fanatics are absolutists – there is only “their” way.  Almost as bad as university Speech Code Police but just the fact that the former use the word “denier”, they show that Climate Catastrophe aren’t science driven – it is more religion.  And nothing says religious in imposing it …

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New Gas Tax

That Gas Tax Voodoo That They Do…

Ask a Democrat about highway infrastructure. You get an eye-roll and maybe some chatter about out of date funding mechanisms. We need to raise that gas tax. Fix our crumbling roads and bridges. But almost nobody likes gas taxes, so what do you do?

David asks questions while Goliath just takes the money

The man-made climate change question is a David vs Goliath struggle. The Goliath side (climate alarmists) is driven by politicians spending billions of dollars. Money taken from taxpayers under threat of fines or imprisonment.

The #YellowNewDeal

Once upon a time, public schools were largely a response to two constraints: scarcity of educational resources, and difficulty of travel.  But those constraints are no longer as significant as they once were. In particular, travel has become easy enough that many people think nothing of driving 30 miles to go out to dinner.  A …

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Polar Bear Climate change makes me sad

NBC Invites “Climate Confessions”, Hilarity Ensues

NBC News has created a platform for virtue-signaling doomsday-cult enthusiasts to confess their sins. “Climate Confessions” is a new page on the NBC News website that offers the public a forum for posting admissions of their environmentally unfriendly habits.


Using Taxes to Control Diet

Using Taxes to Control Diet. Do you have a problem with that? Bernie is now suggesting a ‘Meat Tax’ to combat climate change. This nuttiness is getting personal. Nutty unaffordable programs are Democratic Socialist staples. But messing with dinner choices is making things serious. Using taxes to control Diet The Leftists are proposing, in all …

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Bacon Cheeseburger

Is There a Better Example of Socialist Hypocrisy Than Pete Buttigieg?

These: To quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Under the Green New Deal or any of the variations proposed by the DemocRATS running for President, we … the hoi polloi … will have to use candles for light, burn peat-moss to heat our …

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