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Campaign 2012

Obama Golf Counter Update.

As Mr. Obama rides cross country attending more fundraisers and campaign events than any president in history (historic presidency indeed; historic campaigning, historic debt, historic deficits, historic unemployment; historic number of people on food stamps…yadda yadda yadda..)  he still seems to be finding time for Golf. That’s right people, “Fore” more years–he should have bumper …

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Educating With Hassan

Maggie “Louisville Slugger” Hassan has a banner ad running over at the Concord Monitor with the pull quote…’I’ll Stand up to anyone who wants to cut Education.’  This is a dirty lie. Any effort to expand education outside that narrow corridor of Democrat political influence will be blocked.  Any existing programs that support education without …

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Have You Met Julia?

Have you met Julia?  She’s you under the eternal reign of Obamanomics–as viewed from within the left wing ghetto. From Red State Over at Human Events, my colleague David Harsanyi writes “Who the hell is ‘Julia,’ and why am I paying for her whole life?” It’s a fair question. According to Obama’s campaign website, someone …

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A New Front in The War on Women – Do Liberal Chicks Dig Polygamy?

Piggy-backing off of Tim’s post on Mark Steyn’s recent article, I think the polygamy thing (which Tim does not mention) is worth visiting–repeatedly of course–just to remind everyone of the kind of campaign this has been and will continue to be.  Nothing coming from the Obama side will be relevant or substantive, everything utter nonsense.  …

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Elvis, Osama bin Laden, and Jim Morrison Walk Into A Baskin Robbins….

With the body unseen and mysteriously trapped in the briny-deep with Davey achmend Muhammad al Jones, Osama will achieve divine status. He will begin emerging in the half light of dawn and dusk to inspire the faithful. His hand will appear to grace the crowns of new born babies fresh from Burkah concealed wombs. He’ll even get spotted walking out of the Baskin-Robbins at 42 Mulberry in Downtown Manhattan, teasing his taste-buds with a frosty-looking Mocha Almond fudge, with Jim Morrison, Tupac, and Elvis in tow.

Obama – Campaign 2012 Prep-Talk!

The Obama campaign has released it’s "trailer" for the 2012 campaign movie called “I’m In.” I’m not, but since they sent it to me I figured I’d watch it. Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, clues us in, and the first slide he shows us is this one.