The Windham Swamp: Weaponized Government - Part 1 - Granite Grok

The Windham Swamp: Weaponized Government – Part 1

The Government Integrity Project (GIP) was formed to ensure election integrity and to hold elected and appointed representatives accountable at all levels of government. The mission is to restore our government to the principles of our founding documents.

In our Constitutional Republic, We, the People are the government. That concept makes America unique from every other country in the world – but only when adhered to. The ideals and values that are defined in our founding documents – that all men are created equal and are born with unalienable Rights – are becoming more difficult to find in many who serve in Windham, NH’s town and school governments.

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Instead, the rule of law has been trumped by radical ideologies that have been running rampant and unchecked. The power and authority that carries with it the full force of law – that We, the People have entrusted in those who serve – is being wielded as a weapon from the highest elected offices and down through the ranks of appointed positions.

Integrity is important at all levels and all branches of government. But when authority goes unchecked, elected and appointed officials weaponize government resources – AND POWER – to target and intimidate individuals and organizations. This unfortunately happens all the time in Windham, NH.

Planning and Zoning decisions are made based on personal relationships, personal preferences and at times – even personal benefits. Why do you think you need to hire an attorney to put up a shed? The overreaching perceived authority they (Planning and Zoning Board Members) believe they have is astounding.

Their preconceived bias has regularly resulted in Courts over-ruling their poorly made decisions. Windham residents wonder why the property taxes are so high, and why businesses avoid Windham. The Planning and Zoning Boards are two key reasons why.

Favoritism comes into play as well for certain individuals in town. Many times, that favoritism comes at the expense of others, including innocent children.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Select Board shamefully create lies about those who truthfully call them out for their shortcomings and abuses (like myself). Elitists like Chairman McLeod and Vice-Chair Partington don’t like that. In fact, they respond by weaponizing the very government they were entrusted with overseeing to target those who associate with me.

Instead of ensuring our government follows the rule of law and is focused on serving the public without bias, some employees in town government have been empowered to act as enforcers – and intimidate residents who don’t accept the edicts of the elite.

This is why people like Ross McLeod – who refers to those he disagrees with as “irrelevant” and Heath Partington who is skilled in disinformation, don’t appear to be bothered at all that Rex Norman is harassing a local church – because that church has allowed my group, the Government Integrity Project to use it’s facility for multiple events to educate the public.

McLeod and Partington (and others in Windham town government) are pursuing hidden agendas and self-interests over the rule of law.

Windham has become a swamp that is filled with self righteous ideologues who have weaponized our town government against those who are not their friends – and who they want to make examples out of.

Windham, NH has become a swamp that is no better than Washington DC. This story is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. This is only Part 1. The time is long past due to drain the swamp in Windham, NH. Much much more to come.

Ken Eyring

Co-Founder, Government Integrity Project