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The Windham Swamp – Part 3: The Cost of Weaponized Government Is Enormous!

The Crossing Life Church was forced to jump through hoops by Rex Norman FOR MONTHS at ENORMOUS UNNECESSARY EXPENSE to put up a tent. Four OTHER organizations in Windham put up their tents literally overnight.

No building permit and Planning Board requirements, and they paid NOTHING!!! Not a Dime! They have all have used their tents while the Crossing Life Church STILL cannot use theirs.

And the favoritism that was provided regarding those four other tents – as disturbing as that is – is not the most egregious part.

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Life safety comes into play. Bypassing the approval processes as defined by laws and regulations – means that measures to ensure safety are also bypassed.

Last year people were seriously hurt when a tent collapsed in New Ipswich. A few years ago in Lancaster, people died. Unfortunately, those tragedies appear to have no impact on certain Windham officials because the safety measures embedded into the laws and regulations are not always followed.

Tyranny runs rampant throughout Windham’s weaponized government.

This issue with the Crossing Life Church to install a tent is one example. The cost to the church is enormous.  To date, the church has spent a whopping $48,657 for a tent they have still not used – and a large chunk of that money was spent unnecessarily due to fabricated “requirements” that added massive costs and delays.

The season will soon be over – and the church will have little to show for their wasted resources.

There are other individuals and organizations in town that have been targeted by Windham government officials. This is an abuse of power that until now has gone unchallenged for years. Those responsible must be held accountable. This is one of the reasons Tom Murray and I created the Government Integrity Project (GIP). These types of bureaucrats are in every level of our town government and other towns across NH.

In this particular issue regarding the church, the Government Integrity Project is also indirectly targeted – because the Crossing Life Church has allowed our non-profit, non-partisan organization to use church property on multiple occasions to talk about God, as well as non-partisan moral issues regarding the U.S. Constitution, education choices for parents, and the lack of moral values in our government.

In the middle of the three months (and counting) review and approval process for the tent that should normally take a week, the Pastor of the Crossing Life Church was warned (threatened really) through two different town officials at two different times… that their association with the GIP would ruin the church’s reputation with town officials.

That is the type of strong-arm tactics that Windham’s weaponized government applies to those who do not bend their knee and kiss the ring.

That is not how a Constitutional Republic serves the people.

And this is not the first time the Crossing Life Church has been targeted and forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars by Rex Norman. These issues have been going on FOR YEARS.

Many people and organizations have finally had enough with this abuse of power – and have gotten over the fear of retribution. In the upcoming months, you will hear their stories as well.

In the meantime, I ask that you be mindful of who rushes to the support of those in Windham’s government. It will be a good indicator of who is in “the click” and benefiting from favoritism.

I expect my character and integrity (and Tom Murray’s) will be falsely attacked in the upcoming months – to distract you from the facts that we will present. Windham’s town government is broken on so many levels. It is time to fix it. It is time to drain the swamp.

More to come…

Ken Eyring is a Co-Founder, Government Integrity Project

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