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ARROGANT ELITISTS? Windham Board of Selectmen Show Contempt for Their Subjects!


This past Monday, the Windham Board of Selectman Chairman Ross McLeod became unhinged for the second meeting in a row.

The public clearly expressed their displeasure of the Board’s decision to hire what many believe to be an unqualified applicant – and McLeod would have none of it. He scolded and demeaned hundreds of people he was elected to serve – instead of listening and responding to constituent concerns.

I’m sure you’ll hear conflicting reports – so go watch the Selectman’s meeting from May 3, 2021 (here). Decide for yourself. The video puts everything into context right from the beginning.

Monday’s meeting was so bad, that those in attendance did something I have never seen before in Windham. The entire audience (except for a handful) TURNED THEIR BACKS TO THE BOARD as the Selectmen continued to spew rhetoric that no one accepted nor believed. And rightfully so.

The debacle made front page news of the Union Leader two days in a row.

The protest was triggered by the Board’s decision on May 26, 2021, to chose Mark Lindeman to perform a forensic audit on Windham’s voting machines and ballots that produced the largest unexplained discrepancy in the history of NH during last November’s election.

The concern is that Lindeman is a partisan Political Scientist (NOT A FORENSIC ANALYST). Lindeman has zero personal experience by his own admission – to forensically audit Windham’s optical voting machines. None.

But that did not stop McLeod and fellow Board Members Heath Partington and Roger Hohenberger from making the horrendous pick, which in my opinion was based on ideological partisan politics. There are plenty of more negative reasons in the following article:

MUST READ: WARNING: Mark Lindeman and the “Windham Incident” Audit – Connecting the Dots

Logic and research have been lacking regarding the Board’s entire selection process – and that is what enraged so many Windham residents. What is more stunning is the disregard those three Board Members have shown their constituents. Here is just one of many Chairman McLeod rants that exemplifies the Selectmen’s contempt for the Windham residents who packed the auditorium.

“Who yells the loudest is Irrelevant. Who sends the most emails or letters to the selectman and the select woman is irrelevant. Who shows the most passion is irrelevant. What is required… What is required is the vendor who can do the work in the fairest and most scientific manner and report… (moans by the crowd) ,,, What, you guys afraid of science? 

They need to report the strongest results possible.  And our duty as a Board is to the people of Windham!  WE ARE THE WINDHAM BOARD OF SELECTMAN!”

Yes you are, Chairman McLeod. But you shouldn’t be, because you no longer serve honorably in that position.


Allowing a Board Member to falsely call a Windham resident a liar is unacceptable… even more troubling is your position to deny that resident an opportunity to set the record straight. Your actions have put the Town of Windham into the position of being sued ONCE AGAIN UNDER YOUR WATCH for egregious, personally motivated actions.

Every Windham resident should watch the beginning of the BOS meeting at WHS on May 3, 2021 (here) . You will not be pleased.

Only Selectman Bruce Breton listened and responded to the will of the people.

The remaining Selectmen disrespected a vast number of Windham residents. Selectwoman Jenn Simmons remained silent for the second week in a row. Last week she was a no-show, and this week she spoke not one word on this issue. Not One!

This entire process has been an embarrassment that is filled with conflicts of interests that were initiated by a Selectman who is triggered by the words “forensic audit”. These articles are just the tip of the iceberg:

The “Windham Incident” has become the “Windham Incidents” (Plural) – and a NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT!

ACTION ALERT! The “Windham Incident” FORENSIC TEAM – Who Should Be Selected? (4PM Deadline)

We, the People are the government. We’re not going away.

Let the Windham Selectmen respectfully know their dismissive actions to those they represent are not acceptable behaviors for public servants. Not in this town. And for the benefit of Chairman McLeod, the word “respectful” infers “don’t threaten to kill anyone!” Hey, as stupid as that sounds – that is what he requested I do.

Call AND email:

Windham Administation Phone: 603-965-1200

Windham BOS email: