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WARNING: Mark Lindeman and the “Windham Incident” Audit – Connecting the Dots


There are many disturbing issues that have led up to this point in time where the Windham Selectmen chose Mark Lindeman to perform an audit he himself does not have the skills to perform.

Should the public be concerned? I am.

Let’s connect the dots on Lindeman, and you make up your own minds.  To do this, let’s start with who certifies the voting machines.

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Who certifies the the Voting Machines that are used in U.S. Elections?

Answer: The Federal Election Assistance Commission, where up until recently a former executive of Dominion Voting Systems was listed on their website as a chief employee.  After that connection was exposed earlier this year – that connection appears to have been scrubbed.

I believe this document contains the following excerpts that show Dominion Voting Systems has significant influence in the U.S. federal certification agency, the Election Assistance Commission (EAC):

“A deeper look into the certification process used for the machines, however, reveals that the main certification agency in the United States, the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC), maintains an unexpectedly small staff, and one of its chief employees is a former executive of Dominion Voting Systems.”

That appears to be a serious conflict of interest.  That document also lists the only two companies who are currently accredited to perform certification testing on voting machines.

“Furthermore it appears the bulk—if not all—of the testing of the election equipment is conducted by only two companies, Pro V&V and SLI Compliance.”

“On the EAC website, there are seven Voting System Test Laboratories (VSTL) listed. However, only two of these testing labs, Pro V&V and SLI Compliance, are listed on the page as accredited, as the others are listed as having their accreditation expired.”

Who Certified the Maricopa County, AZ, November general election?

Answer: The only wo companies who are mentioned above as being accredited to certify voting machines; Pro V&V and SLi Compliance

Those same two companies performed the original audits of the Maricopa County, AZ general election – using a limited process they claimed validated the results.

I believe that is the equivalent of the fox guarding the hen house.

Mark Lindeman Supports the Results of the First Maracopa “Audit”
This article was sent to Windham Selectman Roger Hohenberger by Mark Lindeman.  The article includes the following statement:

“The audit of the tabulation equipment’s software and hardware was performing by two independent Voting System Testing Laboratories: Pro V&V and SLI Compliance.”

Lindeman used that article to convince Hohenberger that the audit by Pro V&V and SLI Compliance in Maricopa County, AZ, was thorough and complete, and Hohenberger accepted that without doing any additional independent research using any other independent sources.

I believe that speaks volumes about Roger Hohenberger’s methodology of how he performs research to represent the people of Windham regarding one of the most important decisions he has ever made on behalf of the town.

Mark Lindeman Opposes the Current Forensic Audit in Maricopa County, AZ
I believe Lindeman’s actions reflect an elitist mentality. His opinion was not welcomed by the AZ Senate.

An April 13, 2021 letter to AZ Senate President Karen Fann (cosigned by Mark Lindeman, co-director of Verified Voting), made the following statements regarding the previous audits that were performed in AZ.

“These audits provided assurance of the accuracy of the results, which included victories for both Democrat and Republican candidates at the federal, state and local level. 

At this point, additional audits will have little value other than to stoke conspiracy theories and partisan gamesmanship – or worse.”

I believe the Risk Limiting Audits that Lindeman is fond of, do not provide the type of certainty of results that is needed to answer all of the questions regarding the “Windham Incident.”

I believe Lindeman’s elitist attitudes are exposed through his condemnation of the current audit process that was demanded by the citizens of Maricopa County, and that his actions reflect a contempt of those who live in Maricopa County, AZ.

I believe his actions and statements speaks volumes about Mark Lindeman’s character and ideologies.

Why is the Current Maricopa County Forensic Audit Necessary?

Answer: Because a complete audit has never been performed.

Watch these two press conferences by Former AZ SOS Ken Bennett who is overseeing the audit process.  You will learn about the current audit – as well as why the previous audits were insufficient.  Bennett is joined by John Brakey.



Who is Verified Voting?

Answer: I have seen Verified Voting being described as a left of center organization that is co-directed by Mark Lindeman.

Here is what two former Board Members said about Verified Voting:

Philip B. Stark said, (link here):

Verified Voting is providing cover for bad actors (election officials and vendors) and inherently untrustworthy voting systems.”

Richard DeMillo said,

“If they are successful at confusing the public about the correctness of the election outcomes in Georgia and elsewhere, I fear it will be in some measure due to the absence of values once embraced by Verified Voting.”

Bio:Philip B. Stark – Associate Dean, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences | Interim Regional Associate Dean, College of Chemistry and Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences | Professor of Statistics | University of California

Bio: Richard DeMillo – School of Cybersecurity and Privacy Interim Chair | Professor, Charlotte B. and Roger C. Warren Chair of Computing, and Executive Director, Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U)

I am not comfortable with the selection of Mark Lindeman to perform a forensic audit on Windham’s voting machines and ballots.

Continue to contact Windham NH Administration.  Overwhelm their office phones and their email system with your thoughts and concerns until the town listens.

Windham Administation Phone: 603-965-1200

Windham BOS email: BOS@windhamnh.gov