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BREAKING NEWS! The “Windham Incident” Election Forensic Audit SIGNED INTO LAW!


HUGE NEWS! I just received word that Governor Chris Sununu signed Senate Bill SB43 into law.  It mandates a forensic audit of the ballots that were cast, and the voting machines that were used, by Windham, NH during the November 3, 2020 election. The Bill became law because Senator Bob Guida and NH activists demanded answers as to why the results that were produced by Windham’s voting machines on election day for the State Rep race were drastically different from the results of a recount that was performed nine days later.

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What Happened?

All four Republican candidates were declared the winners after both results were announced, but the margin of loss for the top Democrat candidate grew from 24 votes on election day to 420 votes after the recount.  More disturbing is that all four Republican candidates GAINED nearly 300 votes each, AND the top Democrat LOST 99 votes after the recount – with no plausible explanation.

This has become a statewide concern because 85% of NH votes are counted by the same voting machines. If there is a problem with the way the machines tabulated the votes for the State Rep Race in Windham on election day, then there could be a problem with how the machines tabulated the votes for the other races as well – not just in Windham, but potentially across New Hampshire. That has triggered national concerns and attention.

To his enormous credit, NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner recognized those concerns and weighed in publicly by announcing his support for a thorough, and independent forensic audit of the machines and ballots to ensure the integrity of our voting systems.  Unlike election officials in other states, Secretary Gardner believes we need to know what happened – regardless of the reason(s) – so they can be addressed.

What’s Next?

Now that SB43 is law, the responsibility shifts from the Legislature and Governor to the NH Secretary of State, the NH Attorney General, and the Windham Board of Selectmen.  They are now tasked with hiring the forensic auditors to ensure that no stone is left unturned.  All of the questions need to be answered, with no assumptions made.

The Windham Board of Selectmen will choose one team, and the Secretary of State and AG will jointly choose a second team. Those two forensic teams will jointly pick a third team, and together… they will need to complete the independent forensic audit process and solve the mysteries.

Each must choose wisely.

These selections are crucial to ensure the intent of the Bill – and the integrity of the audit is fulfilled. There are very few qualified people/teams that can perform the forensic audit properly and thoroughly. Choosing the wrong forensic team(s) will in essence send the message that this issue is being disregarded and swept under the rug – and that will not be acceptable.

We, the People, are watching.