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What the Heck Happened In Windham’s November Election? – Part 3


The voting machines in Windham have come under scrutiny – and rightly so. The debacle in Windham regarding the discrepancy of nearly 10% in the votes for the State Rep. race between the November 3rd machine counted results, and the November 12th hand recount is disturbing. People in Windham are upset and want answers. This is a non-partisan issue.

The Board of Selectmen sent a request for an investigation to the AG’s office multiple times.

The NH Ballot Commission unanimously requested an investigation.

Windham Election Moderators Peter Griffin and Betty Dunn have called for an investigation.

Windham Republican and Democrat State Rep. candidates want an investigation.

The Chair of the Windham GOP Committee wants an investigation.

The Chair of the Windham Democrat Committee wants an investigation.

The Certified Republican Poll Challengers want an investigation.

Many Windham residents (like myself) have called for an investigation.

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The response from the Governor, the Secretary of State’s office and the AG’s office mirrors the responses of the State Governments where election issues were rampant in November… There’s nothing to see here, move on.

This post by NH State Senator Bob Giuda provides a timeline of the stonewalling he has come up against at the State level when trying to get the Windham vote tallies investigated:

The Windham Incident – Election Results vs Recount Totals

As a New Hampshire resident, and especially a Windham resident I am appalled. There were issues with the Windham vote tallies in the State Rep race. That statement is indisputable! But we don’t know why there are discrepancies nor where they occurred.  That is troubling.

I was at the hand recount process on November 12, 2020. I feel confident the processes (described in this post) to individually hand count every ballot produced accurate results. The hand recount process has been used for years – and supervised by the same Secretary of State for decades. Recount results have NEVER been this far off from election night results. NEVER!

With election integrity being the foundation of our Constitutional Republic, you expect concern would be raised by those we elected at the State level to represent us. But that is not the case.  Again… very disturbing!

Take a look at the vote tallies that were generated by Windham’s voting machines on election day. I’ve attached a table below that shows the transcribed vote tallies for each of the four voting machines that were used in Windham’s election. These numbers were taken directly from the printed “tapes” that are generated by the voting machines at the end of the election day. A scan of those tapes are also attached (further below). The table makes it easy to cross reference the results for each race across each machine.

When comparing the paper tapes from each machine – there appears to be anomalies in the results for machine #2 for every race from President on down.

Start by looking at the highlighted percentage columns from left to right for the Republican candidate in the Presidential race for machine #1, machine #3, then machine #4. They are all within a close approximate range of each other. Then come back and look at the percentage for machine #2. It appears the percentage for the Republican candidate is more closely aligned with the percentage that the Democrat candidate received on machines #1, #3 and #4 – and vice versa. Could there have been a machine issue?

This analysis does not work for the State Rep race because there were 8 candidates (not two)… but if there are questions regarding the results of all the other races for a particular machine… then the only way we can be assured that our votes are being accurately counted is to verify our machines are working properly.

Also look at the “Overvoted” percentages at the very bottom of the table. There’s also a much larger percentage of “Overvoted” on machine #2 when compared with the other machines.  Over votes are not counted.

Something is clearly not right.  The 1,200 (cumulative) votes that were removed from every Republican State Rep candidate has not been explained.  Nor has the 99 extra votes that were tallied for Democrat candidate Kristi St. Laurent.

We need to understand what when wrong, and we need to know now. The March elections are only a month away – and these machine will be used again!  If the NH AG, SOS and Governor get their way… we’ll never know if the election results are accurate.  I believe that is a dereliction of duty.

I do not accept that decision nor that outcome. Windham bought and paid for those machines. Many people in the Town of Windham want to know if OUR MACHINES are operating properly. We have followed the proper protocol to seek assistance from the State. Now that we have been denied interest and meaningful help from the State of New Hampshire – it is time to take matters into our own hands, and under our supervision.

It is our Right to do so because We, the People, are the government!

More to come… Stay tuned for Part 4!


Below are the vote totals table from Windham’s voting machines on November 3, 2020, followed by the scan of the voting machine tapes:


These are the Windham voting machine paper “tape” scans from November 3, 2020.