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The “Windham Incident” – Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste!


Many across America and as far away as Australia (go to 12:07), are aware of the “Windham Incident” – NH’s blatant disregard for election integrity.

The disturbing debacle was created by Gov. Sununu, his Attorney General and Secretary of State (SOS) due to their lack of a meaningful investigation into the disturbing and questionable results produced by Windham’s voting machines.

Now the governor is misleading the public to politically capitalize on the crisis he helped create. It’s unconscionable.  It reminds me of Rahm Emanual’s line “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

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The Concord Monitor dismisses the “Windham Incident” as “an apparent voting discrepancy”, and gives kudos to Sununu for his handling of the “saga”.

Gov. Chris Sununu says he won’t let “slip by” an apparent voting discrepancy in a state House of Representatives race in Windham.

Sununu infers he’s always been in support of a thorough investigation, then he also dismisses the significance of the questionable voting machine results.

“We’re not going to let that slip by. We’re going to attack it, at all levels, and make sure that we really get to the root of the problem,” New Hampshire’s three-term Republican governor said Thursday at a news conference. “And make sure that, even though it may have been a small problem, that it isn’t systematic across anything.”

I would not describe a winning margin discrepancy of 9.6% between the machine counted votes and a hand recount “a small problem.” Especially since those same type of voting machines are used by 85% of NH polling places.

With state law only allowing for a single recount in political races, New Hampshire’s Ballot Law Commission accepted the recount’s results. But Republicans asked the state Attorney General’s Office to investigate the matter.

The Monitor failed to mention the plethora of requests from significant sources calling for an investigation into this non-partisan issue, including: the NH Ballot Law Commission; the Windham Board of Selectmen (twice); BOTH of Windham’s Election Moderators; Windham Republican and Democrat State Rep. Candidates; the Chair of the Windham GOP Committee; the Chair of the Windham Democrat Committee; Certified Republican Poll Challengers; and many Windham (and NH) residents.

The Monitor dismissed the unexplained errors as insignificant and called the concerns for election integrity “a conspiracy.”

The governor also emphasized that the discrepancy was small in size and tried to extinguish cries of a conspiracy.

It was the largest UNEXPLAINED ELECTION DISCREPANCY in the history of New Hampshire!

Not a conspiracy. An indisputable fact! We don’t know WHY there are voting count discrepancies nor WHERE they occurred. These concerns are shared by NH Senator Bob Giuda in these Op-Eds; “The Windham Incident – Election Results vs Recount Totals” and “The Windham Incident Deception“.

“The fact that we can get granular and focus on one or maybe two machines, or hand-counting 300 individual votes, I think that speaks to the immense integrity of our system,” Sununu said.

To be clear, it was not “300 individual votes” that are in question. The recount discovered errors totaling 1,363 votes from 10,006 ballots cast in the State Rep race. That does not reflect “immense integrity of our system.”  Those errors were found in one race.  We should recount the other races as well

“And the incredible accuracy. Through all of the different communities in the state, we’re talking about one or two machines in one community.”

No Governor. If it turns out the voting machines were the cause of defective election results in Windham – then we won’t be talking about “incredible accuracy” and just “one or two machines in one community.”


Is that why Windham has been stonewalled? Is it also why the AG and SOS wanted to “take possession” of Windham’s machines?