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Will Windham, NH Produce the Spark Where the 2nd American Revolution Begins?


Questions regarding election irregularities in the swing states have raised concerns with many Americans.  But NH officials have remained steadfast in their convictions the state’s elections were safe and accurate. Those statements have come under tremendous scrutiny after the recount results of the Windham State Rep race were off by nearly 10% from election night.  That represents the largest unexplained discrepancy IN THE HISTORY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.

Windham residents Ken Eyring and Tom Murray spoke with Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit, and Patty McMurray of 100% Fed Up, to share their concerns that NH Assistant Attorney General Anne Edwards, Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Chong Yen, Secretary of State Bill Gardner, and Governor Chris Sununu have punted on their obligation to investigate and ensure the Diebold voting machines in Windham are reliable (Diebold was purchased by Dominion in 2010).

Watch the interview at the end of this Gateway Pundit article.

Windham, New Hampshire Election Witnesses Discuss Voting Machine Scandal with Gateway Pundit and 100% Fed Up (VIDEO)

Many NH residents are outraged at the stonewalling that Windham has received from those State Officials regarding this non-partisan issue.  The request to perform a simple test on the voting machines to ensure the integrity of their elections has come from; (1) the Windham Board of Selectmen (twice), (2) the NH Ballot Commission, (3) Windham Election Moderators Peter Griffin and Betty Dunn, (4) Windham Republican and Democrat State Rep. candidates, (5) the Chair of the Windham GOP Committee, (6) the Chair of the Windham Democrat Committee, (7) Certified Republican Poll Challengers, and (8) many Windham (and NH) residents.

All of these people have “standing”.  No one is looking to overturn the November election.

But NH’s state level officials are against performing a simple integrity test of running all of the ballots from November 3rd through all of the machines, then; (1) cross compare each machine’s results, (2) compare the test results to Election Day, and (3) compare the test results to the recount.  Why?

The voting machines that Windham used in November’s election were off by nearly 10% from the hand recount.  Most elections are decided by margins less than that.  If proven to be unreliable, the implications of using malfunctioning voting machines are disturbing.

Especially since those same voting machines are planned to be used in Windham again for the March elections.  More troubling, is the fact that the same types of machines are used in 85% of NH election locations.

In an effort to quell the public uproar, the AG’s office has begun a public disinformation campaign. NH Senator Bob Giuda sets the record straight;

“Seeking to quell the growing political clamor resulting from its refusal to look into the Windham Incident, the Attorney General’s office has now publicly claimed that it is “investigating” the matter. This is a misleading half-truth. From my experience as a former FBI Agent, they are NOT doing an investigation; they are doing what is known as a document review. They have no intention of doing what’s actually necessary to get to the heart of the issue: rerun the ballots through the machines, and perform a hand count to determine the actual number of ballots that were cast.”

“To be clear, five State Senators, the Senate legal counsel, and the Assistant Secretary of State were all on the February 5th Zoom call in which assistant AG Edwards and Election Law Chief Chong Yen stated categorically that they are not going to investigate the machines or the total ballot count – the only two actions that can provide the answer to what exactly happened.”

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Our elections must never be compromised.  The position the AG’s office and Secretary of State have taken is unconscionable – and this issue will not go away. In our Constitutional Republic, We, the People, are the sovereign.  We, the People, are the government – and our state officials have forgotten they are public servants who REPRESENT us – not rule over us!

The voting machines belong to Windham… bought and paid for.  Their reliability is suspect and THAT… has statewide implications!  Therefore the machines must be investigated and tested. Many many people are fed up, and to my surprise… multiple people have said to me that if the state attempts to stand in the way of testing the machines, then Windham just may produce the spark of America’s 2nd Revolution.  That is an interesting and powerful insight that reflects how strongly people feel about ensuring our elections accurately reflect the will of the voters.

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If you would like to help get the Windham voting machines properly investigated and tested, please reach out to me at Ken@IntrinetSystems.com.  Please enter “Windham Voting Machines” in the Subject.

You can also help by sending a respectful email to the NH AG’s office asking them to help test the voting machines in Windham and to provide the town with the election day ballots for testing: