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A Disturbing Unanswered Question for the NH Governor, AG and SOS: “WHY NOT?”


Why not run the ballots from Windham’s general election through the machines again?  It is a simple question that has not been answered to explain the “Windham Incident.”

The “Windham Incident” is the largest unexplained discrepancy in the history of New Hampshire between election day results and a hand recount. After the recount of the Windham State Rep race in November, every one of the four Republican candidates gained nearly 300 votes, and the highest Democrat candidate lost 99 votes. The losing margin of 24 votes (.005%) on election day grew to 420 votes (9.6%) after the hand recount.

That alarmed many people not only in Windham, not only across the state, but also across the country – due to unresolved election issues in many of the swing states.

Windham people began asking for an investigation immediately. People “with standing” from all political persuasions. They were joined by others in state government. They all asked for an investigation of the Windham voting machines; to run the election day ballots through each of those machines to check for consistency and accuracy; and to count the number of Windham’s ballots that are now in the state’s possession.

But the Governor, the AG’s office (Gordon McDonald, Ann Edwards and Andrew Chong Yen), and the Secretary of State Bill Gardner have stonewalled the request without providing any reasonable explanation. They adamantly REFUSE to allow the ballots to be re-run through the same voting machines in Windham, REFUSE to inspect the voting machines, and REFUSE to count the number of physical ballots from Windham that they have in their possession.  Even worse, they publicly initiated a disinformation campaign to infer a review of documents is a meaningful investigation.

NH Senator Bob Giuda posted an Op-Ed here, that describes the level of deception (it’s a must read!).

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There is NO law – and NO logical explanation – that would prevent the AG’s office and the Secretary of State from working with Windham to openly and transparently investigate the machines, and rerun the election day ballots through them – IN PUBLIC WITH MEANINGFUL PUBLIC OVERSIGHT.

That begs the simple question…


If this disturbs you as much as it disturbs me – and it should – then respectfully contact ALL the following people via email and request they work with the town of Windham to re-run the Windham election day ballots through the same Windham voting machines; count the total number of ballots in their possession; AND investigate/analyze those machines.  Tell them that all of these investigative steps MUST be open and transparent – IN PUBLIC WITH MEANINGFUL PUBLIC OVERSIGHT.  It should be recorded on video and posted online.  There should be no questions about the “investigation process” – and the public should be welcomed and encouraged to watch in person – up close and personal.

Governor Chris Sununu: governorsununu@nh.gov

Acting AG Jane Young: jane.young@doj.nh.gov

Associate AG Anne Edwards: anne.m.edwards@doj.nh.gov

Assistant AG Andrew Chong Yen: Nicholas.A.ChongYen@doj.nh.gov

NH Secretary Of State Bill Gardner: William.Gardner@sos.nh.gov

Speaker of the House Sherman Packard: sherman.packard@leg.state.nh.us

Ask the Speaker to share your concerns with every State Representative

House Deputy Chief of State: debra.childs@leg.state.nh.us

Ask the Deputy Chief of Staff to ensure your email is passed onto the Speaker with a request to share your concerns with every State Representative

Senate President Chuck Morse: Chuck.Morse@leg.state.nh.us

Ask the the Senate President to share your concerns with every State Senator

Contact your district’s Senator via: this link