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I am disturbed that the NH AG’s and SOS’s office intends to TAKE CONTROL of Windham’s voting machines. The SAME PEOPLE will have control over the SAME MACHINES that produced the largest UNEXPLAINED DISCREPANCY in the HISTORY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE between election day results and a hand recount. Those SAME PEOPLE refused to do a meaningful investigation on the machines when asked to do so by Windham Officials and the Ballot Law Commission.  CAN YOU SAY CONFLICT OF INTEREST?  DO NOT stand idly by. This is the fox guarding the hen house.  

BREAKING! NH AG & SOS to “Take Possession” of the “Windham Incident” VOTING MACHINES!


The integrity of our elections must be above reproach.

The Attorney General’s office and Secretary of State’s office has been FORCED to perform an audit on Windham’s voting machines.  GREAT!  About Time!  However, their request to take control of the voting machines is unacceptable – due to a conflict of interest!

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Many people in Windham have expressed concerns about that conflict of interest and the discrepancies that were produced by the Secretary of State‘s hand recount.  Many believe the error was produced by the Secretary of State. Other’s believe it was generated by the machines.  Some say they don’t know.  Whatever the reason, this issue must be  RESOLVED IN WINDHAM!

The AG’s & SOS’s request to take control of the machines is rightfully questionable.  I believe it is unethical.  Their request to move the machines to Concord (pg 1 and pg 2) has heightened mistrust and increased the consternation on the part of Windham residents – those who are most affected by this matter. It is vital the audit provide insights and explain the discrepancy and put to rest all questions.  It must be open and transparent!

That can only be achieved if the audit takes place in Windham, under the control of the Selectmen, and with the interests of the town incorporated into the process.

Did I mention the Secretary of State has a direct conflict of interest?  He is responsible for exposing the largest discrepancy generated by a recount.  The losing margin increased from .005% to 9.6%.  How do we know that his office did not screw up?  We don’t!

I have previously stated that I believe the recount process was performed methodically and that the votes were accurately counted on the ballots that were in the room – but I have also said “we don’t know how many ballots were in the roomand that every possible cause for the discrepancies must be investigated… including the recount.

That means – the ONLY UNBIASED METHOD of performing the recount would follow a process similar to what I proposed to the Windham Selectmen and posted here:

The “Windham Incident” Proposed Audit Process [Update]

It doesn’t have to be that process.  Define another one.  Just keep ALL OF THE PEOPLE who had a hand in the General Election or the Recount at arms length away – to avoid any accusations of impropriety.  That includes the SOS, the Windham Town Clerk, Moderators, and even the Selectmen who were working at the election… anyone else who had direct supervision at the Windham polling location on November 3, 2020.  The AG has expressed bias from day one, and he should also be kept at arms length as well.

My proposal did not exclude supervision by the AG and SOS.  It excluded them from “hands on” involvement and defining the audit process.

Windham, AND ALL OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, deserves to know what happened!  The town of Windham has a vested interest to get the answers without prejudice.  We want the truth – whatever that may be!

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! (contact info below)

Respectfully insist that Windham retain custody of the machines.  Respectfully insist the Windham Selectmen (those not excluded as sugested above) define the audit process. Respectfully insist the audit takes place in Windham under the Selectmen’s control.  Please do it now!

“When the people fear the government, there’s tyranny; when the government fears the people, there’s freedom.”

– Thomas Jefferson


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