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Announcing “The Progressive State Project” – Find ‘Your’ Forever Home

Progressive State Project - Find Your Forever Home

New Hampshire progressives have been complaining recently (and loudly) about all the successful “liberty” initiatives in New Hampshire. The problem, as they see it, is that New Hampshire has taken a hard turn right!

* Common sense gun control? No! Instead, New Hampshire citizens are “burdened” with laws like Constitutional Carry, allowing ordinary citizens to own lethal weapons!

* A Women’s right to choose free abortions? Nope! Instead, NH has passed a law preventing “anti-abortionists” from paying their “fair share” for other people’s abortions.

* Ensuring all our children have access to “quality” state-run education? Nope! Instead, NH is diverting your public taxpayer dollars to schools parents prefer, including private schools, religious schools, and even home schools.

* Locking down and masking everyone to flatten the curve? No! Instead, restaurants, schools, and even retail stores welcome clients and customers even as you read this!

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In issue after issue that progressives care about the most, New Hampshire is headed in the wrong direction!

The culprit? Well, one of them for sure is the “Free State Project,” which has attracted many liberty lovers to New Hampshire while emboldening independent-minded New Hampshirites to regain their freedoms.

Luckily for progressives, a new group has formed to offset the Free State Project. It’s called “The Progressive State Project.” It seeks to identify which of the 49 other states are best for progressives on the dimensions that progressives care about the most.

Which States have the strictest laws: To reduce our carbon footprint? To lock people up until that curve is finally flattened? To expand welfare to every able-bodied worker? To encourage homelessness? To combat the rampant racism, homophobia, transphobia, and white supremacy that only good progressives can see? To raise the minimum wage to a comfortable living? To regulate greedy businesses out of state? To demand high-quality, low-cost, patient-centered government health care for all? To ensure that you pay even more of your fair share?

And there’s not just one state for progressives (like there is for liberty-lovers), but not all 49 states are equal. With so many states trending towards greater progressivism and with so many issues about which progressives really are deeply concerned, the Progressive State Project hopes to fine-tune its recommendations so that every progressive will be able to identify and move to their ideal state. The one that imposes the greatest number of their most important laws on its neighbors.

Of course, the ideal state won’t be New Hampshire, but we laud location services like the Progressive State Project and the Free State Project in their difficult task to match the various segments of diverse Americans to those States where they will feel most comfortable.

To see which states are coming out ahead, go to: ProgressiveStateProject.Com or on Facebook.


Dennis Pratt is a Dover resident and a volunteer to both the Free State Project and the Progressive State Project.