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Nashua, Vote to Save Your City on November 2

Nashua municipal elections are being held on Tuesday, November 2, and there are some very important choices to make. The most important decision is on Ballot Question 2. A Yes vote would give the Mayor and Board of Aldermen control over picking the city police commissioners.

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Mayor Jim Donchess has been working hard to rush through this change to our city charter, and no reasonable person understands why. The majority of the Board of Aldermen oppose it, even though they are all in the same party as the Mayor.

Multiple aldermen have published editorials against it, and three aldermen gave a press conference speaking out against it, including the president and vice president of the board.

We are asking everyone to turn the ballot over and Vote NO on Ballot Question 2. Learn more about the ballot question at

We have a full slate of candidates that will help reign in the profligate spending and taxing of the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen and the complete mismanagement of the schools by the Board of Education.

Please bring sanity to Nashua city government by voting for these candidates:

Board of Education – vote for four

Allison Dyer –

Kristie Hart –

Alicia Houston –

Lynn L’Heureux  –

Alderman at Large – vote for three

Laura Colquhoun –

Paula Johnson –

Don Whalen –

Ward 1 Alderman
Tyler Gouveia –

Ward 2 Alderman
Donald Scott –

Ward 3 Alderman
Daniel Richardson –

Ward 4 Alderman
Peter Lajoie –

Ward 5 Alderman
Charles (Chuck) Lothrop –

Ward 6 Alderman
Alex Comeau –

Ward 8 Alderman
Patrick (Chris) Parks –

Board of Public Works   

Laurie Ortolano –


Board of Fire Commissioners   

Gary Lambert –