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Survival Instincts: Individual and Societal

T-Rex, Screen Grab Jurrasic Park 2 (2)

Eons ago, when I was in high school and had to evade velociraptor packs and the occasional T-rex on the way to the train station to get to high school, I was watching a scaaaary movie while alone doing homework at the dining table.

My parents were out – theater, concert, something.  Outside I could see that it had started to snow, which was not uncommon for the time of year.

One of the main characters, IIRC a Devil-worshipper, had died.  Placed on his bed with a death mask, the only light in that TV-screen room was a candle.

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The windows to his room rattled.  The candle flickered.  They rattled harder.  It flickered again, harder.  They rattled so hard you could really see & hear it.  The candle flickered again, even harder.

And then the windows to the man’s room blew open, the candle on-screen went out… and a split-second later the lights in the house went out as well!


Understand that at this point in my life I’d lived, really, a very sheltered life – certainly compared to prior generations.  I’d grown up in the cosmopolitan and relatively safe Peoples’ Republic of Cambridge, Marxachusetts, in overwhelmingly first-world, stable America, and overall – a rather “nibbly” encounter with siafu in Africa one summer aside – had lived a pretty whitebread and safe life.


Siafu Ant


I next consciously recall being in the kitchen, a knife in each hand, braced for the imminent attack of whatever was coming for me.  My heart thudded as I prepped for a death struggle against the preternatural entity that was about to come take me and devour my soul.

It didn’t come, of course.  As I calmed down I noticed that the street lights were out too, as were the lights in homes across the street.  Looking down a short hallway the same was true for houses in back of us.  OK, a blackout.  The timing couldn’t have been better had it been on a Hollyweird set, but it was just a blackout.

But note something: I was not hiding under the couch, or in a closet, or even just curled up in a corner in a fetal position.  I was in the open, back to a wall, armed, and ready to fight even with terror and certain knowledge that against the anticipated supernatural foe, I’d lose.



VAERS deaths by year

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So I talk to people about such things like the >9,000 deaths from The Jab (see chart above) and now apparently above 10K.  No fear.  I talk about the over 15K such deaths in Europe (link is dated, and it may even be higher now).  No fear.  I mention the hundreds of thousands of side effects, the nerve issues, tremors, enlarged hearts, blood clots, children dying, and on and on and on.  No fear.  I mention the known under-reporting of incidents to VAERS.  No fear at all.  Just a dog-panting eagerness to get The Jab so that life can go back to normal.

Well, except for those annoying knuckle-dragging throwbacks who will just have to be dealt with.


get your vaccine door kickers


How will they know who needs to be dealt with?  Why, by door-to-door surveys, repeated, where the survey takers are told to ignore NO TRESPASSING / SOLICITING signs and to record the locations of people who are not cooperative or who admit to not taking The Jab.

And when I ask if that idea of the federal government coming by to take individual-level inventory of who is Jabbed or not?  No fear.


In an earlier piece, The Technological Golden Calf, I cited multiple instances of fearless awe at the technology that threatens our privacy and even our lives.

And technology is, doubtless, a boon in general.  I like electricity.  I like the internet.  I like being able to go to the local store and get produce and meat rather than having to farm and cultivate and slaughter my own animals (I haven’t gotten rid of the wild rabbits in our back yard in anticipation of possibly needing them… though I jokingly refer to them as “Roast”, “Stew”, etc.  The neighbor’s kids don’t think I’m funny.)  I enjoy baking bread with my kids but store-bought is certainly easier.  Without a doubt I appreciate modern medicine and antibiotics and would not be alive without them.  On and on and on, the benefits from technology abound.

But we are racing into the unknown.  Moderna has never brought an mRNA shot to actual approval despite multiple tries.  Now we have multiple mRNA Jabs with many of the animals in the trials dying, whether from the Jab itself or upon being challenged by infection with the pathogen it’s supposed to be protecting us from.  Both Moderna and Pfizer are on track to make billions in revenue, and doubtless, the other Jab companies are too, and all with zero liability for megabucks they’re generating, at least in the US.



And nobody bats an eyelash.  Not on door-to-door surveys.  Not on being told about Death by Government: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900.  Nor does anyone bat an eyelash at the idea of vaxports, a stratified society based on Jab status, lockdown wristbands, or the big tech censorship, or – just announced so I haven’t been able to get many reactions yet – the FICUS’ push to get cell phone companies to sign on to “fact-checking” private SMS messages.  I’ve already noticed that my emails to Gmail accounts that contain covid links are bouncing back as undeliverable due to “potentially damaging links” in those emails.  (Just as I predicted on my old blog!)


Nitzakhon email clip


At least they let me know.  My prediction was that wrongthink emails would simply vanish with me left to wonder why I hadn’t heard back from people.


It circles back to a lack of threat recognition.  We’ve lived in such comparative luxury and plenty that most peoples’ threat recognition centers have not developed sufficiently.  Societies that don’t recognize rising threats don’t survive.  And as I said in a piece over at Liberty’s Torch, the refrain to warning signs of Dangers Innumerable is endless:

Oh, that’s just not possible.

Despite the history, despite evidence right before their eyes.







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What predators, what events, are ready to strike our apathetic society?  Many we know, some we’re screaming about – The Jab above, hyperinflation, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  And how many persons, when that national/civilizational window blows open from whatever reason and our world turns dark, will run to the closet, dive under a table… ready to just give up (see #3):

So I was at an extracurricular activity for one of the kids and, very coincidentally, there was a parent of my older kid’s friends.  We talked, discussed planning a play date for the kids, and [in chatting over things we’re doing] they asked if I was preparing for the end of civilization.  Yup.  Their response was quick and clear “Well, if that happens I know I’m not going to make it”!

And how many will stand, armed, ready to go fighting even against hopeless odds?