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The Dover, NH Branch Covidians Are a Dangerous Cult

Obey masks patch

It was a beautiful spring day. The temperature was in the 70’s, the sun was shining, and the occasional mild breeze allowed the awakening smells of nature to fill our olfactory senses. That is, of course, if they would let you.

Two middle schools competed yesterday in their first track meet of the season, and the mask-cultists were in full effect.

At first, they “allowed” us to sit in the bleachers with close family without masks but repeatedly unleashed their insidious tyrannical tendencies with multiple muffled announcements over the loudspeaker shaming the handful of non-mask-wearing parents.

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Until – overwhelmed with rage at the handful of maskless heretics enjoying their child’s sporting event – they stopped all the events. Why? So they could send goons to yell at parents to put on their masks. Even if those parents were dozens or hundreds of feet away from other human beings.

It was a disgusting show of force.

Clearly unaware of the actual “science” or brainwashed to avoid any dissenting thoughts or facts that would challenge their cognitive dissonance, the Dover Chapter of The Branch Covidians received perverse and repugnant pleasure from their newfound “authority.”

Despite nearly 15 months of data showing absolutely no correlation between mask mandates and infections, these troglodytes of Dover insisted on putting their zealotry above the health of our children, insisting that the runners wear their masks during the races.

The “if it saves one life” crowd seems entirely devoid of the irony of putting our children at risk by making them engage in a strenuous activity while limiting their oxygen intake and increased levels of carbon dioxide in their bloodstream.

Sadly, far too many parents just went along with the cult, probably to avoid confrontation.

Look, I get it; you want to enjoy your child’s event without being yelled at and harassed but to those of you brave enough to say, “no, I will not placate this dangerous fantasy any longer,” I applaud you. Stay strong. When others see our faces, it is a sign of solidarity with reality. It will embolden others to strip away the muzzle. We are the remnant.


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