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Don’t Let Election Fraud Divide Us: Verify the Vote!

I am reaching out to you this evening to express deep concern over recent events in our great state of New Hampshire. As I am sure you are all aware there has been a recount of the votes from the November election in the city of Windham which has exposed some troubling voting issues.

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Four Republican candidates for State Representative were shorted by 300 votes +/- 3 votes. These votes were counted on the Dominion’s AccuVote counting machine, which has gotten public scrutiny from multiple reputable people within not only our government but also our intelligence communities.

In fact, the state of Texas has 3 years of records and case studies on all the reasons why you wouldn’t want to use Dominion voting machines due to the susceptibility to being hacked and votes modified. With all this being said I believe a hand recount of the New Hampshire votes from November 3, 2020, is warranted in all county’s that used the Dominion’s AccuVote counting machines.

Now I am not a cybersecurity expert and I will not pretend to be. However, this spread of exactly 300 votes +/- 3 votes is extremely suspect. Especially given the alarms that were raised about Dominion’s AccuVote counting machines being able to connect to the internet. In my opinion, this sounds to me a lot like a hack, but again I am no cybersecurity expert.

This hack, if true, is a result of a breakdown in our understanding of not only these voting machines but also our cybersecurity to keep these machines safe which we clearly needed. Before I continue, I want to say that in no way, shape or form am I saying this is directly any one person’s fault. These things do happen to honest people, however, if we do not acknowledge and own these mistakes, we will never learn from them.

This principle is taught at all stages of life and it applies directly to our Republic just the same. I can think of no greater a symbol of our Republic than the vote of the American people. The vote of the American people carries a precious weight that has been granted to us by our Founding Fathers.

You see the vote of the American people not only grants you the power to govern; but it also puts you in charge of protecting the most precious of founding documents, The U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights. These are the most powerful founding documents to have ever blessed God’s great earth and I cannot express in any amount of words the significance of the power we are giving you to effect change to these founding documents.

With everything that has been said above, I cannot stress more the importance of getting this vote correct. We are painting our vision of the future for our children through you. We shape the direction of our country, our freedoms, The U.S Constitution, The Bill of Rights, our foreign policy, our spending policy’s and our community through you. With this being said wouldn’t you want to make sure that you are painting a future that is representative of your constituent’s beliefs and visions?

I think that given the recent years it is safe to say that this country is in a political rift that is growing daily. In my opinion, if we continue down this path and continue to paint a future that is not representative of the will of the people this rift will only grow. With this being said, this is no time for beating on one’s chest for this political party or that political party.

This is the time for the governors to band together with the governed as American Patriots to ensure that the painting is an accurate reflection of the future that we all see. This is the time for returning to our roots by putting the will of the people first and our agendas second.

This is a time to live up to our motto of Live Free or Die. But ultimately this is a time for living up to our oaths of protecting and defending The Constitution of The United States!

I love this great country of ours and I know each one of you does too. So, let’s be brave and fearless like our Founding Fathers. Let’s show our Warriors that Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are not just holidays.

Let’s resolve this injustice on our Republic and let’s recount the Vote!