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NH Dem Rep. Insults Every Other Police Force in the Nation, *Blames Violence on Trump Supporters

Some folks should stay away from Social Media. Nashua Alderman and NH House Rep. Jan Schmidt, for example. It appears as if she is incapable of doing anything online without putting her foot in her mouth. A right to which she is entitled. 

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Here’s Jan doing another Schmidtler-Shuffle.

Jan Schmidt Riots Trump Supporters

If we step away from New Hampshire for just a minute, who does it appear to the average American, is doing all the rioting, destroying, assaulting, and other riotous business?

Leftists. Lots of them. 

Jan ignored that and linked to a post at InDepthNH. The story of a peaceful protest and a conversation with Manchester police when a Truck with Trump Flag drove by the group.

Words were exchanged, beginning with the so-called peaceful protesters.

[Photographer Stacey] Harrison said the protester, who she described as a black man in his late teens or early 20s, started swearing.  She turned to see what he was looking at and saw the truck. The driver and passenger were both white males. … “Every nasty possible thing you can think he was swearing at the truck,” she said.

The protester instigates. The passenger starts swearing back, and at some point, the truck pulls over (bad idea), and the other protesters start moving in on the vehicle.

“They all sort of swarmed like a bunch of bees towards the truck,” she said.  The driver pulled the truck over into the parking lot outside Associated Concrete Coatings and the yelling continued.  Someone threw something that was white – Harrison thought it might be a piece of paper, a bottle cap or a water bottle – which bounced off the driver’s window.

Then she saw something black being waved around by someone in the truck and heard shouts of, “He’s got a gun.  He’s got a gun.”

The Manchester police intervened (in large numbers) then arrest the occupants and charge them with felony riot and felony criminal threatening.

Plenty of stupid to go around here, but I have a question. Given what we know about the last few days riots if a crowd of people swarms you like bees, angry and emotional about the death of Geroge Floyd, would you feel like your life might be in danger?

Given the third-party on-the-scene reporting I’d like to think the Manchester police arrested these buffoons to protect their lives but felony riot and criminal threatening?

What happens if no protester starts cursing at them unprovoked with wild abandon, or they keep driving? Nothing.

But there is ample evidence (based on these reports) that they could have feared for their lives. If ever there could be some justification for brandishing a firearm, that might be it. The point is to deter what you think might happen next. And while there are plenty of examples where people will brandish for no good reason is this one of those?

I’m not saying I’d do that in this circumstance just that I can see why it happened. The protester should not have shouted curses at the truck just because it had a Trump flag. The passenger should have ignored it. No one should have pulled over. And no one should have approached the vehicle.

Why didn’t Manchester police witnessing this unfold ever intervene or try to stop the protesters from approaching the vehicle? I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but there was plenty of stupid to go around, which brings us back to Jan and violence.

Are those tens of thousands of people, many of them destroying minority neighborhoods and businesses, more likely to be registered Democrats or Republicans?

Jan knows the answer, and it’s not Trump Supporters.