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Did Biden Voters Know They Weren’t Voting for Joe Biden?

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I have read on more than one occasion, and from reliable sources, that Joe Biden is admitting, directly and indirectly, that he is being told what to say and do, from others (behind the scenes).  So, who are the “others”?

Is it a secret club with a sacred handshake (or elbow bump for covid prevention)? Or, perhaps a self-appointed Politburo?  Hmm? My mind always drifts back to the Barrack Obama, George Soros, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett tag team with Hillary in and out on a consulting basis.

But that’s just me.

I am curious about why Congress doesn’t seem to be picking up on this?  Seems they are so overly focused on the January 6th capitol building belly rub that they can’t seem to find their own asses with both hands.

It has been said that more real Americans (and non-Americans) voted for Joe Biden than for Donald Trump (which we know isn’t true).

Little did the Bidenites know they were voting and rigging the ballot-counting machines to elect a Politburo of unknown membership, to run this country instead of Joe Biden.

Now, how’s that for a bait and switch?  They absolutely deserve what they get.  In the interim, and until we can turn this goat roapin’ around, the rest of us need to hold our ground to prevent being sucked into the swill.

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