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I Believe That Senator Maggie Hassan Is At the End of Her Political Rope.

Gen. Don Bolduc HCRC Machine Gun Shoot

To get to the point, the 2022 Election can, at long last, turn things around.  Senator Hassan should surely exit stage left, but then enter . . . who?  Well, I’ll tell you who.

Each time he has come up for election, I have voted for Chris Sununu for Governor solely because I can usually count on him for Conservative support.  However, should the Governor decide to run for the US Senate, my vote in 2022 will go to General Don Bolduc without hesitation and that holds true, even if the Governor stays put.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Don Bolduc speak on multiple occasions.  He understands our Veterans’ situation (medical care, housing, and disabilities).  After all, he is a distinguished Veteran.  He is aware of our need and our right to uphold and support all our Constitutional Amendments.

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He is pro-life which I respect and he understands the health care issues in this Country. This man believes in God, believes in Family, and has run the gauntlet in the service of our country.  He can resolve our border issues and stop illegal immigration.  He is not a politician and God knows we do not need another politician in Washington DC.

He is a man of honor, a New Hampshire resident, and down to earth. He is the kind of Senator we want and the kind of Senator we need in Washington DC to represent New Hampshire.

Governor Sununu should remain Governor for additional terms as I believe he is good at what he does in looking out for our State.  However, he is a politician that comes from a family of politicians.  As stated above we do not need any more politicians in Washington, DC.

Any way you cut it, the right future for our government is Maggie Hassan to depart and be replaced with Don Bolduc.


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