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Politicized Doctors Office Just Lost This “Patient”

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My daughter had a doctor’s appointment today. we go to the hospital in [redacted] (La La Land). Every single doctor and member of the staff was wearing a rainbow mask on their face.

It honestly made me feel sick seeing this blatant (political) display.

I’m old enough to remember when we kept all of this to ourselves, your politics, what you supported and didn’t, was all kept private, and people actually worked to keep that all quiet.

We all felt comfortable and safe was actually *not* knowing where everyone stood on things.

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That culture now considers my 11-year-old an “Adolescent.” They can now speak alone to the doctor about sex, drugs, and abortions (with us paying the bills and bearing responsibility until they are 18).

THEN to see how they all are so Pro-LGBTQ…what a scary world we now live in.

What they talk about could be kept from the parents and we can clearly see the values systems of this practice if that child utters a word about anything along the lines of gay, transgender, etc.

We’ll lose our kids to this with one visit.

We are now at the point where we need to have “Right” leaning *everything* out there.

If they can be so pro-Lefties, then we had better start creating the opposite for us.

I’d sure like to find another practice now.