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The Great Relocation

Welcome to New Hampshire

Spring 2020, when I saw the CV19 restrictions and all the societal unrest, I told my wife the nation is about to undergo a massive shift. Polarization is coming, I told her, and we need to capitalize on it.

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People were going to pour out of the cities. Libs were going to flock to blue states searching for strict CV19 policies, and conservatives were going to flock to red states for liberty and wagon circling.

So, we put our farm in MA on the market and began house hunting. I was always drawn to NH but decided it was time to keep an open mind. I ruled out red states with large blue cities because I see how Atlanta, for instance, can drop anchor on Georgia and send into a vicious circle in the midst of a storm.

Then I ruled out SD, MT, WY because the home prices were astronomical.

Then I began zeroing in on NH because the prices were more reasonable. There are many more “in-law” or multi-dwelling properties available in NH than in the aforementioned states. We were planning to move three generations at once.

Then I found articles about how the NH government is set up and how the ratio of reps to people offers the best chance for activism to make an impact.

My friends told me don’t go there; all the libs from MA are moving up and ruining it. Oh, replied that was the case before spring 2020. I began to see signs that, as of spring 2020, the trend was reversing.

I recruited many friends and family to come with me. To those who said I was headed for what would become a solidly blue state, I told them they did not see this new “great relocation” phenomenon and that November elections would be the proof.

I reached out to reps and activists in NH to take their temperature. I reached out to churches to find one that matched my family’s core beliefs, and we began house hunting near that church.

We had a heck of a time securing a property because we were niche buyers (three gens w a farm) and because the market was red hot. Every time we settled on a house, called to make an offer, it had just been offered at or above list price, and we lost out. It took us until September to finally be the first to offer on a property we liked.

It took another 5 months to close (long story), but during that time, we made many trips up to get to know NH, and what we found was NH indeed went red, the largest red wave in the nation. Everywhere we went, we met people like ourselves who had recently moved here searching for liberty and wanting to take part in keeping it.

I currently have three more families back in MA who are actively house/job hunting here to move up. This weekend even, I was in Meredith and met a young couple who moved from Cali, who came for liberty with the free state project.

And, even those who are already here for a long time are waking up. For instance, we just had Bob Guida come to speak at my church, and many of the people came to me afterward to ask how to get more involved.

ReOpenNH came to my house to help train us to activate, and neighbors came and are now mini activists.

My pastor just this past Sunday gave a call to action, saying, now is the time to stand to ensure we remain the live free or die state, and he pled with the congregants to take an interest like never before in political activism. He asked me to spearhead a group at the church that will stay on top of events in the state.

And from what my realtor friends tell me, there is no cooling off. They are coming in hot and heavy; it’s a great relocation. Blue and Red are polarizing for better or worse.

Friends back home are writing telling us they finally see why we moved and want to follow suit.

The moral of the story, new blood, new energy is here, more is on the way, and we are only just beginning to see the benefit of it. So, take courage now. Take heart now. Renew your vows to NH, to America, NH is maybe the last stand, and stand we must.

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