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“Reliable, Safe, and Secure” Elections – That’s a Matter of Opinion.

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“A discrepancy of 300 votes out of over 800,000 cast does not constitute ‘massive election fraud’….” These words were uttered by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu the other day in remarks responding to the statement by President Trump over the Windham audit.

Maybe it doesn’t, but maybe it does. It’s what happens to the vote once the machine tabulates it. The second part of his statement: “In fact, it is proof that New Hampshire’s voting process is the most reliable, safe, and secure in the country and that we will ensure every last vote is accurately accounted for.”

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Yes, until it isn’t.

I grew up in New Jersey, where you learn very early in life that politics is personal and most times vicious and unfair. My hometown had the same mayor for over 50 years; he passed away, and now his son is mayor. No aspersions on them; I knew both of them: went to school with the present mayor. BUT, you know full well the count wasn’t what it should have been. You want to talk about fraud in elections…..? I’m not a novice; I know what depths the political process can sink to.

Here in New Hampshire, some people believe that the voting process is infallible and that the elections are fair. Okay, if you want to believe that, fine.

“Reliable, safe, and secure.” That’s a matter of opinion.

When I was involved in politics in New Hampshire, everyone knew about the vans from Keene State College (happily supplied by the Democrats) to the voting places where college students would same-day register. Of course, that has been vehemently denied. Nothing to see here!

But now, here we are.

Windham is proof that something is wrong. Something occurred in the last election, which puts the Governor’s entire statement somewhere in the category of ‘whitewashing.’ And in how many more cities and towns in New Hampshire is this occurring? Does anyone believe the Manchester and Nashua votes are completely honest?

But the elephant in the room, ironically, IS an elephant… The GOP. Their denial of any discrepancy in voter tabulation in the last election is regrettable at the least and traitorous at the worst. The GOP is to blame for all of this. None of this should have occurred.

Look at the evidence: vote counting was stopped in five battleground states on the night of November 3 rd, electoral college votes in question, affidavits sworn to voter fraud, an audit in Arizona, and now Windham. All of that is being ignored by the Republicans. They should be at the forefront of any hint of malfeasance. But they’re not.

So, instead of a helping hand, anyone who questions is being told: Shut up, sit down. The voting was fair.

To the GOP, it is not about the people; it is not about the country. It is about their attempts to stay in power along with the Democrats in Congress.

Social media comments from GOP members in Congress and GOP Chairman Ronna McDaniel show they’re still pounding that drum against the unfair policies of the Democrats in power…They’re constantly expressing their ‘outrage.’

But it’s faux outrage—nothing genuine about it. What the Republicans are doing is pure Kabuki Theater.

Why fight against it when you are actually a part of it? It appears both parties in Congress are working in tandem for their own interests rather than for the American people.

There is no longer a two-party system. The average ‘Joe’ is not being represented in Congress. The people in Congress are only interested in maintaining power and making large amounts of money.

Over the years, one would have thought as the Democratic Party became more socialist, more dictatorial that there would be an answer, a pushback against them from the GOP. But no. There’s not. They have become the UniParty. In their greed, they’re working together.

From the head of the National GOP to Governor Sununu to the local GOP Committees, our opinion no longer matters. They have decided for us. They have declared the voting process is fair and accurate, and no one should question it.

The GOP doesn’t give a damn about you or me. They’ve made it clear, either by their silence or denial of any wrongdoing; they want nothing to do with any of it. The GOP is on the road away from that ‘stuff’ and looking ahead to 2022. But questions still arise, and the people of Windham want the right thing to be done in their small town.

The people in Windham had the “audacity” to believe their rights as citizens actually gave them a voice in the process. They’re now being dismissed as troublemakers. Governor Sununu’s comments indicate a lack of tolerance for the average New Hampshirite who is asking for support on a matter which is very important to them: the sanctity of their vote. A callous response, indeed.

There are rumors that Governor Sununu may run for the Senate against Maggie Hassan. No doubt he will want Granite Staters to come out en masse to put him in that seat.

His actions will not be forgotten by the people of Windham and most likely not by many people in New Hampshire.

On the other hand, the GOP will consider him their darling and support him..no matter how many voters they have to run over to do it.


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