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Windham Selectman: The Election Audit Process Must Be Fully Transparent and Public


Dear Windham Board of Selectmen, I understand that (Monday, April 19th) at 7:00 PM, you will be holding your next select board meeting. At this meeting, you intend to hear comments from Windham residents regarding the selection of a forensic analyst to be designated by the town for the election audit.

I understand too, that you will use that input to help make your decision as to who that auditor will be, at the following Monday’s Windham select board meeting (April 26th).

As a NH State Representative that supported and voted for SB 43, I am asking you to please make sure that your decisions on how to proceed with this audit be entirely OPEN and TRANSPARENT to the public.

This audit is of utmost importance to our constituents.  If you are contemplating scheduling a non-public session on April 26th, I would like to say that I believe that is NOT an acceptable forum in which to decide who the forensic analyst will be to perform this audit.

The bill that I voted for in the House, SB 43, calls for this entire process to be fully transparent. This matter, and all matters concerning the execution of this audit, should be reviewed completely in public.  The intent of the law is transparency, and I am concerned that if it is not then there will be doubt, speculation, and suspicion for this important proceeding as we move this audit process forward.

Thank you for dealing with this issue, and please remember that this is not being done to accuse anyone, or to lay blame, but to find the truth and restore trust and to examine where we may have flaws in our procedures so that we can implement legislative or procedural solutions to fix those flaws.

I appreciate your work on this,

Judy Aron
NH State Representative
Sullivan County District 7
(Acworth, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster, Washington)

Environment and Agriculture Committee, Vice-Chair
Transportation, Member
South Acworth, NH 03607