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Castro Revamps “NH Too White” in FITN Slam

In July of this year, business and government leaders met seeking to fix the “Too White” problem in New Hampshire. Too white?

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Julian Castro, a wannabe Presidential candidate, revamped the claim yesterday. New Hampshire doesn’t deserve the First In The Nation Primary, he claims, because we don’t demographically represent the country. Well, at 94% white, I imagine that New Hampshire does not. Castro didn’t leave out Iowa, the first presidential Caucus state either, because they’re 91% white.

The claim – really – isn’t that NH shouldn’t have the FITN. That’s just what it looks like. The real claim is that the Electoral College is racist, duh, and New Hampshire is too white to elect a Hispanic person.

Don’t forget, NH Republicans nominated a Hispanic man for the 2nd congressional district, and an African American for the first congressional district. Racists! Vicious, Brutal, Racists!

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New Hampshire and Iowa don’t demographically represent large swaths of the country, that’s very true. What we do represent is a mere 10 electoral votes, 4 in NH and 6 in IA, out of the 270 needed to win the Oval Office.

As you know, each state apportions its electors based on the popular vote in their state (except for Maine and Nebraska, where they can be split based on Congressional Districts.) For a candidate to win the Presidency, they have to win a majority of the States’ votes, instead of a majority of the Peoples’ votes. 270 Electoral votes, to be precise, which would represent a majority of the electors, of which there are 538. 435 allocated to States based on Representatives in the House, 100 allocated based on Senators, and the remaining 3 go to the District of Columbia.

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If we just switch to a Popular Vote scheme then New Hampshire and its whiteness won’t matter anymore, and that’s what Castro is saying. And he is not alone.

Mayor Bloomberg, who recently filed to appear on the Alabama primary ballot, won’t even put his name on NH’s ballot. He’ll head straight for Super Tuesday, snubbing Iowa and New Hampshire is his venture to purchase the Oval with his vast wealth and gun control platform. He’s said previously he thinks your stupid if you want to keep a gun in your house. No wonder he’s skipping New Hampshire.

Ray Buckley, to his credit, took a shot at Castro after the remarks. “I can imagine he’s frustrated but blaming his campaign’s challenges on the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire is a bit much,” he told John DiStaso from WMUR.

The attacks on New Hampshire and the Electoral system are not going away, no. Far from it. They will continue to get worse until the country agrees and capitulates, nullifying the electoral college and switching to a popular vote system. In other words, the beatings will continue until morale improves.