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House Judiciary Considers Federal Gun Control

Jerry Nadler

The US House of Representatives on the Judiciary today considered three federal gun control packages that would bring Commiefornia or Marxichusetts type ‘gun control’ laws to the entire nation.

H.R. 1236 – Extreme Risk Protection Orders

You should know about ERPO (Red Flag Laws) by now if you read GraniteGrok regularly, but if you don’t see pieces (here, here, and more here) They’re being considered federally, too, sort of.  Much like the way the federal government strong armed States into raising the drinking age, HR1236 would grant money to states that do or have implemented Red Flag Laws.  Bribery.  Of course, the Feds could implement Red Flag Laws on their own, but that means a lot more federal law enforcement and judges being necessary, may as well bribe the states to do it on their own.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R- OH), who sits on the Judiciary Committee, had pretty good remarks:

Jim Jordan (R-OH) – on ERPO “Red Flag Laws”

This is the most likely bill to pass of the three here. Several ‘Republican’ Senators have voiced support for Red Flag/ERPO laws, and several states with Republican Senators already have them. They’d also claim that they’re still defending States’ Rights, since the bill doesn’t force anyone to pass these laws, just rewards them to do so. And we all know that President Trump has signaled support for Red Flag Laws on more than one occasion. “Take the guns first, due process second.”

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Text of the bill here, or embedded at the end.

H.R.1186 – Banning Magazines with a Capacity Larger than 10 – “The Keep Americans Safe Act”

Ah, yes – the beloved old “high capacity” magazine ban (i.e. standard capacity for common rifles.) . Because that will improve the safety of… well no one.

As Steve wrote in March here these restrictions are unconstitutional, even according to California. You can read the new bill, HR1186, here. (Also embedded at the end of this blog.)

H.R.2708 – “Disarm Hate Act”

It’s been decided long ago in America that when you commit a felony you lose rights as a citizen, at least during your incarceration. In some places, after your sentence is complete you regain some of those rights. As a felon, you lose your second amendment rights permanently.

For certain misdemeanor crimes you lose your second amendment rights as well. Specifically if you’re convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor.

Democrats now want to extend the misdemeanor second amendment ban to those who’ve committed “hate crimes,” or who have received “hate crime enhancements” on their sentences.

With the pre-crime division getting booted up in short order, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all guilty of ‘hate thought crimes’ and are summarily disarmed.

Text of the bill here, embed at end.