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New Hampshire Governor ‘VETO’ Sununu Kills 3 Gun Control Bills

Sununu Takes Oath of Office

Late Thursday afternoon, without pomp and circumstance, Governor Sununu held true to his campaign promises and killed the latest and last 3 gun control bills of the year, despite mounting pressure from the press and the Democrats.

The Governor has frequently and repeatedly announced his support for leaving the gun laws of our state as they are, saying “Look, I think the laws we have on firearms in the state are pretty darn good and I’m not looking for any additional restrictions at this time,” to reporters in February.

Turns out he meant it.

HB109, HB514, and HB564 are now in line with the rest of his vetoes to be considered in September during veto day. Veto week? Veto Month?

All three Bloomberg backed gun control proposals are dead, assuming the House sustains the vetoes, until at least 2020.  And for good reason.  The so-called ‘Universal Background Check’ Bill, the Three Day Waiting Period Bill, and the ban of Firearms in School Districts Bill would have done absolutely nothing to improve the safety or security of New Hampshire residents, students, or tourists.

On Monday this week, Senate President Soucy pounced on the opportunity presented to her after the weekend massacres in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, TX, and sent the last three bills – that had been on her desk for 39 days – to Governor Sununu for his decision.

This brings the total number of vetoes so far this year to 51.  Governor Thompson’s record of 70 over 6 years is about to be blown out of the water, thanks to the radical extreme leftists that have control of the the House and the Senate this year.  Thank God the people of New Hampshire had the good sense to keep the checks-and-balances in place with the wildly popular Sununu in the corner office to preserve the Live Free or Die way of life.

UPDATE: Governor Sununu’s Veto Message (jpg)