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There Is No Room for Italians in ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ Day

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So, now we learn that Boston’s Acting Mayor Kim Janey has sparked howls of anger when she unilaterally whacked Columbus Day, replacing it with the politically correct “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

Janey made these sweeping changes via an executive order signed in front of members of the indigenous community, rather than taking it through the city council’s democratic process, Boston media sources report.

Why make it legal, after all, she’s following the Obama way and his unilateral signing of the vaunted Paris Accords on climate, trumpeted by Boston’s own ‘Liveshot’ John Kerry, our current climate Tsar. So, what if it was never ratified by the US Senate, a requirement established by that stodgy old Constitution, a document designed, according to CRT, to entrench white supremacy in America.

Luckily, though it was pronounced a treaty by the highly touted geopolitical experts in the press and the electronic media, it was never really honored here.

But that’s not what riles me up.  Don’t get me wrong, sure it does, but I reside in New Hampshire, existing in a real hacienda on six lovely acres in East Derry with a private spring-fed brook a couple of dogs, and a beautiful wife.  I fell in love with New Hampshire in college, skiing at Cannon Mountain and staying at Myra Sherburne’s boarding house.

Nope, what gets my dander up is selling out my Italian heritage and those like me for nought, just because it’s the thing to do by the four flushing Democrat politicians of today.

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Here’s the skinny.  In 1635, Pietro Cesare Alberti sailed to Nieue Amsterdam from Holland, after journeying there from Rome.  Pietro became the first Italian to make it to the New World and every June, Alberti Day is celebrated in Brooklyn, NY.  Me?  I’m a direct descendant of Pietro and Burtis is the Anglicized, later the Americanized version of Alberti, though there are a few Albertis still kicking around.

I get unnerved, beyond the Columbus angle, because Italian-Americans, since everyone today is a hyphen American, have served with distinction in our Armed Forces and died in their numbers for every one of us.

Take John Basilone, for example, who won the Medal of Honor for defending Henderson Field on Guadalcanal and later was awarded the Navy Cross posthumously on Iwo Jima – you know, was killed there for his efforts on our behalf.

Kim Janey doesn’t possess the love of country or the moral strength to lift one Basilone’s boots, nor has she, I bet, ever heard of Major Lofton Henderson for whom that benighted strip of coral and sand was named or Basilone, for that matter.

Our vaunted congressional delegation, so often praised in the press for their courage, our Pappas, Shaheen, Hassan, and Kuster, fear the enmity of Pelosi and Schumer more than moral honor because they have none.

And as Hassan’s and Pappas’ elections near, the more they will suddenly find, according to the savants in the Concord Monitor and similar members of the yellow dog press, that they possess backbones and a surprising fearlessness, at least when it comes to trampling on the rights of others and following the whims of that fading has-been, Joe Biden and his attack dog, Merrick Garland.

Joe has recently sicced Merrick onto anyone daring to question a school board member about CRT, Panorama Education, or Garland’s conflicts of interest involving his relatives and Panorama.  Has Pappas, Shaheen, or Hassan decried this shocking FBI crackdown on the 1st Amendment?  Nary a murmur or even a roll of their eyes.

Today, our own Democrat pols are willing to throw folks who have defended us from evil, honest working folks, taxpayers, Christians, Jews, and anybody their increasingly narrow socialist/communist group of adherents care to call out under the nearest bus or train if they’re running.  If not directly, then allowing it by their silence.


I’m a former Broome County, NY, firefighter, a former special operations soldier, and a retired Los Angeles cop. I have a BA in German history with a minor in German language from Boston University with honors.