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Destroying the NH Advantage – Commuter Rail

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Commuter rail is another piece of the ‘urbanization’ puzzle that originated with the United Nations’ global goals, a.k.a. Agenda 21 (now called Agenda 2030) to get us out of our cars, in an effort to reduce ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change.’

Republicans are drinking the koolaid on this as well as Democrats.


Recently on Facebook, we saw US Congressman Chris Pappas and others planning to use the Federal ‘infrastructure’ bill to further their goal of bringing commuter rail to NH.

Research on this issue demonstrates that the ever-bankrupt MBTA would not alleviate pollution OR traffic, and minimal ridership would not justify the system financially. It is not surprising that there is no rail system in this country or abroad that does not run in bankruptcy!

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All the facts including the NH DOT’s own study are included in the information sheet below. Even the NH DOT study stated that in order to begin the process of funding such a system NH would need to institute a SALES OR INCOME TAX — OR BOTH!

Additional facts and testimony from a respected retired transit engineer are also included.

Please download the Commuter Rail Fact Sheet.

ACTION ITEM: Please write to ALL NH SENATORS AND NH REPRESENTATIVES to let them know that the NH Advantage will not benefit from commuter rail.

Email the full NH House and NH Senate and tell them NOT to violate their Pledge against broad-based taxes:

Let’s keep supporting the NH Advantage by stopping wasteful spending, and opposing broad-based taxes, which would be a GIVEN if commuter rail were allowed to go forward!


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