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New Hampshire Emergency Powers Reform Added to Budget


We need your help right now to get this across the finish line. Please contact your local state reps and ask them to support the budget. ReopenNH endorsed state representatives have successfully added key emergency powers reforms into the state budget, which increases the chances that they will become law.

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It is critical that you contact your state representatives prior to the vote early next month to make sure that they are on board with supporting both portions of the budget, which can be found in HB 1 and HB 2.

If your state representatives are not willing to support these bills, it is critically important that you let us know so that we can publicly remind them to do the right thing. Please contact your representatives today and ask them to support HB 1 and HB 2.
Contact Your Representatives

WMUR reported on the news and quoted His Excellency Gov. Chris Sununu complaining that his powers will be diminished.

“This amendment restricts management of the state in a time of crisis,” Sununu said.

Gov. Sununu’s poll numbers have plummeted from a high of nearly 83 percent to 64 percent due to his mishandling of the State of Emergency. We have been saying for the last year that the Legislature’s Constitutional role is to create law, and the 424 people whom we elect to represent us do a much better job vetting potential state statutes than one man can do passing unlawful edicts with no checks and balances. The Legislature is now moving to take back its role.

Rep. Jess Edwards, a ReopenNH endorsed lawmaker, clearly stated the goal of the House in adding emergency powers reform into the budget:

“Isn’t it reasonable to believe that since the budget is our only legislative check on the governor that we use the budget process as a way of refining and reestablishing the appropriate balance between the Legislature and the governor?,” he said.

The provisions added to HB 2 include language from a number of ReopenNH supported measures this year and would not only end the State of Emergency but also make it harder for a new one to be abused in the future like current statutes allow. Please ask your representatives to support the budget.

One other thing you can do as an activist is to share our petition with your friends and neighbors and ask them to sign it.

Sign the New Petition to End the State of Emergency