Are Your Candidates Drinking the Red or Blue Version of the Pandemic Kool-Aid? - Granite Grok

Are Your Candidates Drinking the Red or Blue Version of the Pandemic Kool-Aid?

Red Kool Aid Blue Kool Aid

On Tuesday I will not be voting for anyone who has participated in this inflated and propagandized pandemic. I will certainly not be voting for anyone who will continue this medical tyranny.

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As Tuesday approaches I see the ticket for State offices as desperately wanting. It is filled with candidates who are, figuratively speaking, drinking the red or blue version of the pandemic Kool-Aid®.  The Democrats love the medical tyranny and would like to never see us escape it; and the Republicans feign an interest in avoiding socialism and medical tyranny but all along have in fact been silently acquiescing to those things, because they don’t have the spine to counter the narrative.

In any case I see a body politic that has been hijacked by its own government which is now working against its’ interests.  There are plenty of allopathic treatments for Sars-Cov-2, not to mention all of the wisdom of Naturopathy, traditional Osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Ayurveda, and traditional Chiropractic, to name a few.  Yet none of those are being highlighted.  The survival stories are not highlighted.

The social, economic, spiritual, developmental, educational, psychological, and physical secondary harms resulting from of the socialization of our economy and the infringement on our rights and liberties receive no consequential discussion from the vast majority of candidates.Set featured image

The few who are wary or resistant to the medical tyranny are emphasizing deregulation, protecting the right to keep and bear arms, and lowering taxes rather than taking the beast head on.  This might get them elected, but they are just politicians who will just as soon abandon their resolve against the medical tyranny in Concord as they have on the campaign trail, once the truth is an inconvenience to their continued interests in holding office.

The truth is, this pandemic and its actual impact remains ill defined or overlooked.  The reasonable solutions and alternative management plans have been ignored.  And, there appears to be no definite exit, no incident, morbidity, or mortality rate which has been defined as the goal, which once achieved stops this medical tyranny.

I would suggest that you take note of all the individuals who have held office during this time, and unless they have demonstrated an explicit and publicly recorded opposition to the medical tyranny, you commit to never again voting for them for anything.

Never again, should be the political affirmation as we elect the next generation of leaders.  Never again shall we be subject to medical tyranny.  Never again shall we have our God given unalienable Rights stripped from us and our children.  Never again.


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