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Chess pawn

I have heard our trusted Senators and Representatives state that there is no “political will” in the general court to do what the people expect of them, to uphold the rule of law, to defend the constitution, and to protect the people’s natural rights.

Over and over, I hear this response as an excuse, a justification for why they went along with that lack of political will rather than doing what we voted them into office to do, standing up, opposing the “political will,” and arguing to persuade their fellow “statesmen” (I use that word sarcastically).

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What is truly meant by our apathetic cowardly capitulating legislators is not that there is no political will but that the political will of those in power opposes that of the voters, and they don’t dare stand up to it, and what’s the point when they are in the minority. They mouth pathetic excuses such as “picking their battles” and “keeping their powder dry.” Weak, pathetic people puffed up in positions of power they dare not actually exercise. There is a name for such people:

pawn noun (1)
1 : one of the chessmen of least value having the power to move only forward ordinarily one square at a time (linear thinking and limited to baby steps), to capture only diagonally forward (shifty, never attacking straight on), and to be promoted to any piece except a king upon reaching the eighth rank (they have ambition for higher office but will always be under the control of the king)
2 : one that can be used to further the purposes of another (those that bow to political will)

There is, unfortunately, another meaning of this word. Our government has been pawned, held hostage, traded for money and power, and we will not get it back without paying the price to fight past a wall of pawns before we ever get to the court or king they protect.

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