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The Jab and Kids – Introducing PROJECT DREAD

Author’s note: The idea presented below will only work if this is shared widely to crowdsource information gathering.  Please share this as widely as possible – email, social media, etc.  To the best of your ability get this out, even if it means using the enemy’s platforms.

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How to Fix the Civics Crisis in American Education, A Simple Solution

If you are looking for a fix to the crisis we are all seeing in Civics Education, some school administrators have figured it out. Ask your Superintendent making a six-figure salary, why they haven’t figured out this simple solution. It took the students and parents to wake up their administrators, but now you know what …

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We Have Always Heard That Public Schools Have to Accept Every Student. It’s a Lie. And My Daughter Is Proof.

In the spring of 2020, at my daughter’s annual Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting, the Timberlane School District proposed that my daughter receive parts of her education in their learning center/ resource room. As an equal decision-making member of my daughter’s education plan, I was not in agreement with the IEP Team proposal.

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New Hampshire Knows BEST Conference

UPDATED and BUMPED: Use the code “GraniteGrok” and your tickets will be FREE! For those of you in NH, especially in the Lakes Region, that are concerned about the rapid change of injecting Social Justice and Critical Race Theory into your child’s/grandchild’s school system by “the Professional Staff” (whether you like it or not), this …

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Biden - Obey

King Biden’s Shell Game

The heavy hand has fallen on Florida because Gov. DeSantis will not fall on his knees to a senile, god-king wannabe (Dementia Joe). A government-approved medication, monoclonal antibodies, that by all reports say work on COVID-19 (for those who can get it) are now being rationed in FL, where the need is very high.

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How Big A Bonus Did You Receive This Year?

These are the times that try men’s souls. We are living through what appears to have been a man-made pandemic that has cost our country many thousands of jobs and businesses, small and large, that have simply disappeared.