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Solar Panel Pimp is Wrong on HB544

New Hampshire Business Review (NHBR) likes to publish Dan Weeks’ “thoughts” on various issues, mostly climate and green energy-related, Seacoast real estate (which needed serious debunking), and now his opposition to HB544 which we simply can’t ignore.

Eco-Socialist cavemen

Data Point – Warming Pause Gets Longer (Bruce hardest hit)

Now that the small La Niña that has recently ended has begun to have its effect on global temperatures, the UAH monthly global mean lower-troposphere anomalies now show a further sharp drop, lengthening the New Pause by three months, from 5 years 4 months last month to 5 years 10 months this month.

Democrat Rep Kris Schultz I love racists

New Hampshire State House Rep Says, “I Love Racists!”

New Hampshire Rep Kris Schultz (D) thinks it is RACIST to NOT teach white kids that they are inherently racist and unaware that they are inherently racist.’  Well, she’s back on video, tossing her family and her party under that bus on the question of racism.