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Raising Save Women's Sports flag in Nashua


The #Woke Mayor of Nashua says the Save Women’s Sports flag is discriminatory. And this isn’t? Rapper Zoby made a fool of dopes like Donchess and the Transtasi when he stole the British Women’s deadlift record.

Was Biden on the take?

Was Biden on the Take? … Evidence Please

Joe Biden is calling Rudy Giuliani a “Russian pawn.”  Giuliani is a lot of things but this isn’t one of them. Biden claims stories of his involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings are “not true.” He says he has “not taken a penny from any foreign source in my life.”

Where are the Nashua Democrats?

Last Saturday, we attended a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) rally on the Nashua Library Plaza featuring Congresswoman Ann Kuster and Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Dan Feltes. Only a couple of dozen people attended.


Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor – Reported With 2020 Media Bias

Everything we see on the Mainstream Media news seems to push an agenda.  No longer is news and information presented in an unbiased manner.  The mainstream media (MSM) has played a huge role in brainwashing Americans to relinquish their ability to think for themselves. Too many Americans have literally lost their minds and submitted to …

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