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Is the Proverbial Woodwork Spitting Them Out – Kevin Smith is Running for US Senate

Kevin Smith from Kevin Smith Senate website

Right now, the only candidate that has taken the ‘Grok admonition that the “Constant Campaign” is a real thing has been “The General,” retired Special Forces General Don Bolduc.

He announced he was running for the US Senate early and has been the hard-charging guy we know him to be.

It is a lesson Democrats learned long ago; see Jeanne Shaheen’s “air war” that started months before the November 2020 US Senate election, painting herself as this “motherly Granny” – a facade that couldn’t be further from the truth but it worked.

Maggie “The Red’ Hassan has already been doing the same thing (mostly by “allied” third party money).

Meanwhile, the Republicans are just starting to pull the transmission out of park.

NH State Senate President Chuck Morse announced. (Steve and I commented on his announcement here and here),  so that’s number two.

Now we have number three – Kevin Smith.

I’ve known him the longest of the three but I haven’t spoken with him since the days when he was Executive Director of Cornerstone and at events, we’d talk a fair amount – fairly well aligned on most topics and it was clear he was earnest on those issues.

And then he dropped out of sight politically when he decided to be the Londonderry Town Manager. And now he’s back.

What concerns me is that he’s now being coupled up (politically!!!) with Kelly Ayotte the way she coupled up with John McCain and Lindsay Graham (version 1.0, not the later V2.0 one).  Thus, I have no idea.

I went to his website expecting to see a rather robust Issues page given his past experiences (working for Bob Smith, Craig Benson, Cornerstone) but was rather disappointed with the one-page, bland, website.

And it’s never a good look to have DONATE TO ME! as the most prominent feature when a site comes up.

We’ll talk with him later if we can.  It will be interesting to see if his stances have changed – and we’ll let you know if they have.

I also thought that this was rather cute, kinda – from Josie Albertson-Grove New Hampshire Union Leader

Since the 2020 election, the right wing of New Hampshire politics has grown more visible, with opposition to mask and vaccine rules galvanizing a core of activists. The flank didn’t pose much threat to mainline Republicans in 2020. But this wing seems to be getting more organized and active, and visible on a variety of issues since the anti-lockdown protests of summer 2020.

Between agitating for a ban on voting machines and a ban on vaccine requirements, outfits like NH Patriot Hub and We the People NH have been making it clear that their choice for Senate is retired Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc — and expressing their scorn for state Senate President Chuck Morse, calling him “RINO Pick of the Litter” and widely sharing a photoshopped image of Morse’s face on a photo of a rhinoceros. So far, they’ve left former Londonderry town manager Kevin Smith out of the fray.

With her categorization of “the right-wing of New Hampshire politics,” Josie Albertson Grove of the Union Leader shows how far from its roots the UL has moved leftward. Did she expect that people were just going to lay down and “take it” politically?  That there’d be no response to what Sununu did to the NH population?

Did she not learn how the Revolutionary War started here in NH, with a cannon placed at the Governor’s front door with the operational end pointing into his home?

Yep, Smith is either going to walk either a very fine line or fall INTO line so as to not to bring the ire of the most motivated part of the Party. After all, who really votes in the primaries – motivated or the ho-hum-maybe-I’ll-go-vote GOPe (Establishment, squishy middle) wing?