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Who Blocked Trump’s Wall? Paul Ryan … That’s Who.

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From a new book by Jim Jordan, via Bryan York. Paul Ryan pretended to support the Wall … and immigration reform … but his bill actually contained poison pills intended to prevent the construction of the Wall.

The bill promoted by Jordan and his colleagues in the House Freedom Caucus would have “ended family-based chain migration apart from spouses and children,” Jordan writes. “It contained mandatory E-Verify language for employers and eliminated the visa lottery … [it] also defunded sanctuary cities and appropriated $30 billion for construction of the wall.” The bill, Jordan argues, “was consistent with the message of the 2016 election.”


The bill supported by Ryan would also have funded the wall, albeit with $25 billion. “But it did nothing else to address the problems we were elected to solve,” Jordan writes. “It had no language to address chain migration, E-Verify, or sanctuary cities … [It] also created a renewable six-year legal status for up to 2.4 million illegal immigrants and gave those individuals a path to legal citizenship.” Finally, while the bill ended the visa lottery, it “reallocated those visas to amnesty recipients.”


Kevin McCarthy is simply the surfer-boy version of Paul Ryan. Making him Speaker accomplishes nothing … except as I have noted previously: helping the Democrats retain the Presidency in 2024.