The Latest Trend in Tyranny: Slovenia Introduces New COVID Vaxx-Based Gasoline Restrictions. - Granite Grok

The Latest Trend in Tyranny: Slovenia Introduces New COVID Vaxx-Based Gasoline Restrictions.

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Slovenia has introduced new COVID vaccine-related restrictions on your ability to fuel up your vehicle. The goal is to pressure people into getting jabbed, so is this a new low in the globalist obsession?

It feels like it but not by a long shot. Number one has to be a vaccine policy that is killing more kids than COVID. And while the Jab-a-palooza, in general, is dopey as all get-out, kids were never a vector or at risk. Number two might be a NY Dem proposal that could prevent the treatment of COVID cases in unvaccinated people – which is along the same vein as this.

Find pressure points that force people who do not want the state-sanctioned pharmaceutical injection to get it.

Slovenia has 1.1 million registered vehicles, while only 55% of its two million citizens are “fully vaccinated.”  I’m guessing those 55% are not driving the 1.1 million vehicles.



To Slovenia’s limited credit, which is like choosing which awful choice is less offensive than the others, The Jab™ is not the only pass to the pump.


To pump gas, drivers evidently must show proof that they “have recovered from COVID-19, have been vaccinated, or have tested negative.”

TV N1 reports that the new rules were implemented due to rising case numbers. Like many countries around the world—and some US states—Slovenia has seen its fall 2021 case numbers exceed those of 2020, even though a majority of its population is vaccinated.


I see a few problems outside the obvious tyrannical ones. First, we’re asking gas station attendants to become health inspectors/gatekeepers for this policy. Who bets employment is going to become a problem at fuel retailers?

Second, If you have recovered from COVID, it’s “just as good as being vaccinated.”

We all know that’s not true. Natural immunity is vastly superior without any of the risks associated with The Jab, like, say – Death. So, while good-natural antibodies are comparable on paper, it’s bad because most people will never get COIVID. And those that do will have superior immunity without the side effects, including being able to carry and spread the pathogen.

It’s such a grand farce I’m hard-pressed to find a suitable word to describe it.

You are forced to get Jabbed (rules subject to change with the booster rollouts), none of which protects you nor anyone around you from the pathogen, OR you trap yourself on the Test-o-Saurus hamster wheel (also, itself something of a fraud/money-laundering scheme).

And Go F yourself is not showing up as an option. No ticky, no washy, no jabby, no gassy.

Here’s some good news, again on the scale of best of the bad news. Both Uber and Lyft were recently made legal in the country in early June, a gig for which you’ll also need gasoline and a jab or two or three or more. You can always grab a Lyft or an Uber, assuming they allow you in the vehicle without presenting some papers and your jabbed driver doesn’t have a heart attack on route.

And those bastards call this progress.