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NH Public Health Policy Has Officially Killed More “Kids” than COVID

Vial Syringe weve come for the children

Over the past 21 months, not one single resident under the age of 20 in the state of New Hampshire has died from COVID. In the few months since vaccination began and was encouraged by politicians and bureaucrats, two “kids” have been killed, and one is permanently disabled.

Of which we know.


VAERS Reporting By State - NH


The cure is more dangerous than the pathogen, so what does the state do? It takes millions in strings-attached federal dollars to run a massive marketing campaign to vaccinate as many kids as possible.


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I can see politicians’ disregard for public health, but what happened to physicians first doing no harm? These shots are, after all, being administered by state-certified or licensed practitioners.

Have they all been politicized?

Hospitals are terminating frontline workers who, for whatever reason, do not want The Jab™. This creates the crisis we were told the lockdowns were instituted to prevent.

And kids are dying due to pandemic policy, not the alleged pathogen.

A New Way

If Democrats were smart, faced with a potential wipe-out in 2022, they would do a 180 and reject vaccines, especially for kids, and pump that science into their media machine 24/7/365. Pretend to be the party of the people again acting to save the children.

Sununu might be swinging in the wind and easy pickings next November. But this is unlikely. Chris is carrying their water.

They can’t just tip the bucket. Our only chance for salvation is an actual Republican with name recognition, means, and motivation to challenge him on policy or for the office itself, but don’t hold your breath.

As I noted earlier this morning, most people in any position to raise a meaningful challenge are mired in the same tar pit as Gov. Sununu. Changing that will take a lot.

And is a growing pile of kids killed by the magic vaccine enough, or do we need something more?