The COVID War Machine Has “Officially” Killed More Americans than Every US Conflict since Vietnam - Combined! - Granite Grok

The COVID War Machine Has “Officially” Killed More Americans than Every US Conflict since Vietnam – Combined!

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I have some bad news for the “safe and effective” crowd. The wonder Jab isn’t so wonderful. It is so ineffective you need a booster after a few months (same crap, btw).

You can still carry and spread the pathogen like the unvaccinated. But unlike the latter, you risk a long list of potential harms, including death.

From Steve Kirsch.


As of November 1, 2021, there have been more adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines than for all 70+ vaccines combined since they started tracking adverse events 30 years ago. That’s a stunning statistic, nobody can deny it, but nobody in the mainstream medical community (or mainstream media) seems to care much.


The COVID vaccines are the most dangerous in human history, and that’s not a fairy tale or the brain drippings of some conspiracy-addled lunatic. The “expert” data tells us so even when we ignore the likely undercounting.

We’re not even 12 months into this massive human test trial, and the “official” “conflict” death count is nearing 20,000 (18,461). That’s the most active “War Dead” since Vietnam (58,000).

There’s a narrative for you.

Your nation is at war with you, and so far, they have stacked up more “confirmed” kills than every American military casualty* from armed conflict after the Vietnam war; plus the dead from 9/11 and every mass shooting/terrorist attack on US soil since 2001.

The COVID war machine is still way ahead.

Unofficially we need to go back to WWII to find more American casualties.

Safe and effective? If you mean effectively killing thousands without having to take the blame (that’s the safe part), then sure. No dead bodies on your ledger, you were just “following orders.” They told us it was safe and effective.

If you’d like to read a fresh rundown on how this is not true, read this Steve Kirsch piece.  It has a lot of graphs, links, and analysis your so-called leaders can’t be bothered to consider.


“None of these so-called experts of course ever looks at the data; it’s all based on arguing from their belief system rather than the scientific evidence. And even if those authorities disagreed with the VAERS data, it was irresponsible not to have pointed out the raw data to people and then explain why they totally ignored the elevated signal in the VAERS data. “


The best-case scenario is that this exercise in public health is, historically, becoming one of the most tragic in modern history. And that may be a bigger problem.

Its advocates, including our own Governor Sununu, may not want history to remember them as advocates and instruments of chemical genocide. To ensure the story reads right, they will need to kill the truth as well. Chumly may seem harmless as a weak executive of a tiny state, and maybe not even he could become so self-obsessed to embrace the necessary evil required to facilitate that end, but what about the rest of them.

We’re talking about the Establishment, the Machine, the Swamp, and its cheerleaders in the complicit media. They’ll do anything to protect their oligarchy, and at present, we do not have anyone in political power in this State that I trust to protect us from that.

Do you, in yours?

If the answer is no, you need to mobilize people to make political changes before this becomes a shooting war.


*This number is military war casualties. It does not include aid workers or contractors or anyone not specifically a US soldier, airman, or seaman in the American military.