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Six Dead and Counting

Darrell-Brooks-39 Wisconsin Dept of Justice via BreakingDailyNews

That stellar hero of the Left, champion of Blacks Lives Matter, and killer of now a sixth victim in the Christian Christmas Parade attack, Darrell Brooks Jr, has been offered bail once again. This time, it is $5 million.

I’m betting a GoFundMe page will soon be opened by BLM supporters. Conditions will be attached if bail is met. He would be required to wear an ankle bracelet and forbidden to drive a car. Well, that makes us all feel safer now.

This last is sarcasm for those on the Left who may not get it. After all, when we look back at his record, as perhaps the judge should have done and considered, we see he is a career criminal, a registered sex offender in Nevada, Black Lives Matter supporter (aren’t all black criminals), an anti-Semitic and the all-important Trump hater.

This man has been in and out of jails all over.  He skips out on bails routinely, as often as not, so why is he even offered bail with six dead and another forty injured, with some still in critical condition?

Wisconsin allows for no bail under certain conditions, and it’s tough to see how Brooks doesn’t fall into those conditions.

Originally, FBI officials suggested that Brooks and possibly another person in the car were running from a previous criminal escapade (as if that was any extending circumstance?). So far, we hear no more on that or the other person, but many suggest the motive was Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal just a day or so earlier.

As a true believer in BLM and the Leftist media continuing to spread the standard ongoing lies and slanders on Rittenhouse, this could well have inspired/triggered Brooks. Not that it would have taken much with his character being what it is.

My concerns now are, where is the FBI on this now? Does this fall into the Domestic Terrorist category, and why not? Can BLM organizers and the mainstream media not be sued for creating a dangerous environment, known or should have known, selling their lies and misinformation designed to create the perilous hate-filled division within America?

Rittenhouse is expected to be filing civil suites soon, and I would suggest the families of this attack consider doing the same.