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Palate Cleanser – Hot Wheels Treetop Express

Matchbox hot wheels track POV

I have always been a Matchbox / Lesney kind of guy. When my parents split, my Dad had weekend visitation and when we got a bit older, we started to go and race Slot Cars.

At the end of our time, at our favorite place (lots of tracks and all kinds of configurations) they had a Matchbox display, and each of us, my younger brother and I were allowed to pick one Matchbox car. When the weather was good, I played with them a lot – in the dirt. Never kept the boxes they came in.

When I learned of, I took a look and saw that these decades-old vehicles were worth a lot more than the 25 cents each one cost back then. The price went through the floor during the Great Recession but just took a look and they are way up in price again as a collectible. Dang, I shoulda kept the boxes!

Anyways, I just ran across this Hot Wheels video – quite neat with two different views (P.O.V. and then watching the car).

It makes it VERY clear that the Hot Wheels were the ones to buy if all you were interested in was watching something that could go MUCH faster than the Matchbox cars. Now, the Grandson has a few sets of them and is finally old enough to start making his own routes. This one, however, covering an entire backyard and in and out of the trees, going rooftop high, is well beyond his means (er, and mine as well).



And no, he has not been introduced to my 60-year-old Matchbox collection (well over a 100 vehicle count – several Matchbox cases). That will come once he learns to handle (and play) with them so as to not damage them further).

Dang, he just came into my office and asked “What is THAT!”.  I foresee how a lot of time is going to be spent in the Spring…

(H/T: Gizmodo)