NH-NeverTrumpJournal (aka NH Journal) Continues to Push COVID-Corporatism - Granite Grok

NH-NeverTrumpJournal (aka NH Journal) Continues to Push COVID-Corporatism

Sun King Sununu

Preventing businesses and employers from coercing employees and customers into injecting an experimental drug that does not prevent them from getting COVID or transmitting COVID to others … in order to “protect” them and others from COVID … is “bullying”? Really?

What else falls under NH-NeverTrump’s definition of bullying? Child labor laws? The 40-hour workweek? Overtime pay?

The requirement that employers allow their employees to eat a lunch after a certain number of hours of work? Anti-discrimination laws?

Regulating the presence of asbestos and other carcinogens in the workplace?



“ConservativeNotCrazy” is using COVID to push corporatism. There is NO EQUIVALENCY between protecting employees and customers from corporate COVID coercion (the NHHouseReps bill) and forcing businesses to engage in corporate COVID coercion (#PresidentPoopyPants). The former represents real conservatism … the latter does not.

“ConservativeNotCrazy” and his ilk … which include Sun-King Sununu … are NEITHER. They are just pathetic shills for woke capitalism.

They have no place in the new Republican Party.