Let's Try Again - GrokInterview with Cornerstone's Ian Huyett: Lawsuit over Exeter School District's Speech Coercion Policy JBAB - Granite Grok

Let’s Try Again – GrokInterview with Cornerstone’s Ian Huyett: Lawsuit over Exeter School District’s Speech Coercion Policy JBAB

Ian Huyett

I don’t know what’s gong on with GabTV but I keep getting complaints that the videos we are putting up are not behaving well: “stuttering,” video starts and then stops for good, the video stops but the audio keeps playing, and other scenarios in between.

So, I just put up the video of the interview I did with Cornerstone Actions legal counsel, Ian Huyett, concerning the lawsuit over SAU16 Exeter School District’s Policy JBAB.  In this case, the Vice-Principal and Football Coach decided that a freshman player was to get a week’s long “athletic suspension” simply for having a discussion with a pro-transgender student (not transgender themselves, mind you) and stating that because of his religious beliefs (he is a strong Catholic) he only believes that there are but male and female sexes/genders.

So, for violating the “Government WrongThink Speech” edict which is that anyone can force everyone else to call them by their “preferred pronouns and names”, the unnamed freshman was hit by a suspension (later reduced to a single game).  Imagine that – using the words of our infamous NH Governor Chris Sununu – “Gender Speech trumps Everything”.  At least that’s what the Left is demanding – that you surrender your Rights to their Morality.

Anyways, here are the videos again as I’ve uploaded them to…sigh…YouTube:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3: