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France: Being ‘Vaccinated’ No Longer Enough – No Booster, No Health Passport

Vial syringe just one more but no promises

French President Emmanuel Macron has done the Left the disservice or proving us right (again). “Those aged 65 and older will need to present proof of a COID19 booster shot from mid-December for health passes.”

Sorry, but the passport you have will no longer be adequate.



No booster, no health pass. A practice that will descend the age spectrum because why not?

Oh, and it will swiftly reach across the globe to become a twinkle in the eye of public health tyrants everywhere.


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This leads to obvious questions for the local COVID warlords. If you wouldn’t protect private employees over The Jab, what about the boosters? And does the local economy or some sector of it need to be incapacitated or just nearly before you step up?

Can you step up?

If a Booster mandate leads to attrition and dangerously low staffing in, say, the health care sector, then the original Jab must have as well or all those folks would still be on the job.

And then the next booster, and the next?

It’s quite the quandary but trust me, we’re about to see it play out.